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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Trip to the Farm...

Today Grandma Esther came and took Jenna and Sydney for a girls slumber party. So, that left me with the boys to occupy. We decided to go out to Great Grandma Joy's and Papaw Tony's house to play in the rocks. When I was a little girl I loved playing in their gravel. Just as we got there it was time for Papaw to feed Bubba the new calf they got. Bubba's mommy was a really old cow and couldn't take care of him. So, papaw took Bubba and is feeding him 3 times a day until he is weened off milk. We walked down to the barn and the boys were really interested in that little calf. Peyton and Landon reluctantly held the bottle. Ethan wasn't going to have any part of holding it. After bubba was done eating he was still hungry, so I stuck my hand in there and he sucked on my fingers. The boys were amazed at that. I would pull my hand out and they could see the stringy cow spit between my fingers.
I love taking them to do things I got to enjoy as a kid. I never thought about my kids doing this kind of stuff. But it is these times that I enjoy the most and will treasure forever. They love it out there. We had a great time this morning visiting and playing.

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Nicole said...

I can't believe Peyton, who is TERRIFIED of my 3 itty bitty dogs, actually stood that close to a COW! Calf or not, it's bigger than any of my dogs!