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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Drumroll Please...

Here it is! The moment I have been dreading for the past week.

Height: 5' 1 1/4"
Weight: 148 lbs
Thigh: 24"
Hips: 41"
Waist: 37"
Arm: 12"

My first short term goal is to reach 135 lbs. I started my journey today and did great! I am really excited and can't wait to show you all how well I have done in one month. Also, a good friend has decided to start her journey to a healthy life too. She started her weight management program on Sunday and has lost over 7lbs. We would love to have more people to do this with us. Let me know if you are interested! Here is Janet's Pictures and info.

Height: I forgot to get that
Weight: 425 lbs
Thigh: 35 1/4"
Hips: 78 1/2"
Waist: 57 1/2"
Arm: 21 1/2"


Nicole said...

Congratulations to Janet on her 7lb weight loss and good luck Em! I think you already look great, but we know that it isn't just about looking great on the outside, but feeling good on the inside and being healthy. I have all the faith in the world that you and Janet will do great. I can't wait to start mine! I'm not sure about the measurements though! That will be a tough one!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on both of you for taking that first step as well as to Janet for her 7lb loss. I would like to hear more about it and perhaps join you both. Kimberly keeps losing weight and I keep finding it. Donna

lovey said...

Hi.. I just wanted to give some encouragement to Janet. I was actually heavier than her two years ago--444. With diet and exercise I lost 100 lbs. over about 20 months, and then 2 months ago I had lap-band surgery, and have lost 30 lbs more. It's a hard road to go down, but I am getting healthier as I go through this process. Please tell Janet about me..I'd enjoy communicating with her.

Tina said...

I have been a "lurker" for a while but when I seen this post I had to comment. I too started the gym the past week or so (Bob's gym) and I love it. I have lost 7 lbs since starting and fell so much better. I am also going through the process of getting things set up to do my gastric bypass in what looks like will be August. I am so excited I can't stand it. I have to say working out does help A LOT would have never thought it but it is great. I have a treadmill at home and looking into getting the total gym as there are some days I can't get to the gym for cardio, plus I work until 11:30 at night and don't get to go until after work and that is kind of rough if I have lots of Dr appts the next day so what I do is work out in the morning for 30 to 60 minutes and then go to the gym at night and get swimming in as well to help me relax and I sleep so much better. Sorry so long of a post. But good luck to both of you.

Anonymous said...

Well if you are reading comments, this is Janet. I have now lost 10 lb as of Sunday morning. I am feeling so much better. Good luck Em and Nicole. I appreciate you doing this with me. I think GBG is a great program with great products.