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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, May 16, 2009

This One's A Long One...

To continue from where I left off last, this is what Peyton looked like this morning. It has only been two days since we changed his wardrobe. I may not have a week after all. He had one arm out the top and both his legs out one leg hole.
Yesterday we decided to take them to DQ after dinner for their first ever ice cream cone. Yes, they are 2 1/4 years old and never had an ice cream cone. What a crime!! They loved them! Landon refused to eat the cone, but Jenna had no problem devouring hers. She did it all by herself. That girl will eat anything, as long as it is sweet and unhealthy.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Brayden, Gabi, Addison, Micah, & Ariel! (left to right in picture I think)
Mel and I took the kids to Indy today to celebrate the Chan's 1st birthday. What a milestone! That is when everything starts getting better. Their kids are beautiful! We had a group picture taken before we left. I loved the Cat In The Hat theme. I think that is what I want to do next year.

They had a lady there who did face paint and balloon figures. Sydney and Peyton were all about the paint. Landon wouldn't let her get any closer than his leg. Peyton wasn't so sure about the Colts symbol we had put on his hand, but he finally came around to the idea of being the future QB. You can see that my enthusiasm clearly makes up for Peyton's lack there of. Jenna's favorite part was the balloons that she could wear as a hat.

None of them slept at all on the way there, so you can imagine how tired they were once we got on the road home. They were asleep in about 10 min. Unfortunately, that only lasted about 30min. Yep, they all woke up really soon and to my surprise, were fairly happy. Sydney and Peyton played a friendly game of "Eat My Toes". Until Syd chomped down a little too hard.I figured they would be really tired and grouchy once we got home and settled. So, I planned on putting them to bed at 7:00 instead of the usual 7:30. However, they were unusually playful and giddy. We played for an hour and a half with no fighting or crying. That NEVER happens! As you can see, they were all smiles!

Thank you Lord for this Great Day!!


•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

your children are so adorable , and your posts always make me smile.
Thank you Lord for this Great Day!!
Every time I feel like whinging (or my hubby is) I tell him to be grateful we only have 2 yr twins and not 5 like others I know !
Some days are diamonds indeed.

Lani said...

Oh My Gosh! The cuteness! What sweet little angels you have- you are a lucky mama!

Paula and Jamson said...

Thanks for making it to the party! Your kids were so behaved!

Tara said...

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hope that helps

Anonymous said...

so wish we could have been there for the party as well. We really need to plan and outing with the families all together sometime this summer. Take care. the kids all look great!!