Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Dreaded Vomiting & Diarrhea

Yes, our house is on lock down. No one is coming in and no one is going out. I have never changed more diapers in my life. It began Tuesday morning. Sydney puked in the night and had it everywhere. I had to put her in the tub immediately. She has had the diarrhea since Tuesday. Yesterday I went to get the boys out of bed and found that Landon had puked some time during the night. It was awful!! The poor boy had it everywhere. He had to go straight to the tub. This was just the beginning to an awful day. At one point I had Landon on the floor changing another diarrhea diaper. I had his diaper on my right, his clothes on my left, and he was covered in poop. Peyton was about three feet away from me when he vomited. It flew about 4 feet. Luckily it landed on a blow up thing that I could move. So I was yelling at the kids to stop and not touch the puke all the while trying to get Landon cleaned up. It is funny to think about now, but it was stressful. The only thing worse than having 5 sick kids is having 6 sick kids. Low and behold my sixth kid came home from work at about 1:00 sick. So, I was doing continuous laundry, running crackers and sprite in to Rob and changing poop continuously. By the end of the day I was ready to run far far away. Unfortunately I only made it about 2 blocks away to the Marathon Station to fill up the van. This morning I woke up to Peyton's turn in the bath tub. Yep, still continuous diarrhea and laundry. Hopefully things will look up soon. Until further notice, you don't want to come around us. I haven't gotten it yet, hopefully I won't get it.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Growing Up!

Yesterday we went to get the kids hair cut. It went really well. Peyton, Ethan, and Sydney were the only ones who needed it. Landon and Jenna still are a long way away from a haircut. They sat on Rob's lap and let Rachel Stoll at Attractions snip away. Thanks Rachel! Peyton looks like a little boy now. I was shocked at the difference it made. Ethan looks a little different, but not much. Sydney just got her bangs trimmed and the long pieces around her head. She thoroughly enjoyed her experience. It tickled when Rachel cut her bangs. It was so fun to go and take that next step. I am trying to remember every moment that I know will never happen again. It makes me sad to think that they are getting so big.
Yesterday I was feeding them their oatmeal for breakfast. I got up from their special table to get a wash rag to wipe them off. I was gone for 10 seconds at the most. When I walked back into the dining room Sydney was on top of the table. She had gotten her legs out of the holes and climbed right out. She kept standing up for lunch too. I went that afternoon and bought wooden high chairs from Brucken's in Evansville. They were $35 each for those moms out there who might be interested. They are the unassembled ones. If you buy them assembled they are around $47. So, it is official. The table is gone and we are at a big kid table now. It is a white church table. Durable and cleanable. One more thing that we can look back on and say that time has flown by. I remember when we first put them in the table. I can't believe that it is gone forever. Here are some pictures of their haircuts. I will post a picture of their new table and high chairs soon.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Growing Like Weeds!

Things have been very busy lately. We are trying to get out more and create memories. Last week we went to the Gibson County Fair. The kids did really well for it being as hot as it was. They had their first bites of cotton candy and funnel cake. Needless to say, they loved it. They are too little to ride anything so we went home after getting a bite to eat and taking a few laps. I was so mad, this was the first time I forgot my camera. I didn't get any pictures. What was I thinking? Anyway, here are a few pictures of what goes on around the house.

Daddy is enjoying teasing the kids now. Ethan got his first wedgie. He had no clue what was going on. He just went about his business

Syd and Peyton's pictures always look the same. I sift through all the pictures I have taken and theirs always look like this. They are always smiling.

Ethan climbed in the toy box the other day right on top of Syd. She got over it and put on her million dollar smile for the camera.

Jenna and Landon love grandpa Bob's hat. They fight over it every time he comes over. We have dug out some hats for them to wear around the house. Don't they look cute!