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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Growing Like Weeds!

Things have been very busy lately. We are trying to get out more and create memories. Last week we went to the Gibson County Fair. The kids did really well for it being as hot as it was. They had their first bites of cotton candy and funnel cake. Needless to say, they loved it. They are too little to ride anything so we went home after getting a bite to eat and taking a few laps. I was so mad, this was the first time I forgot my camera. I didn't get any pictures. What was I thinking? Anyway, here are a few pictures of what goes on around the house.

Daddy is enjoying teasing the kids now. Ethan got his first wedgie. He had no clue what was going on. He just went about his business

Syd and Peyton's pictures always look the same. I sift through all the pictures I have taken and theirs always look like this. They are always smiling.

Ethan climbed in the toy box the other day right on top of Syd. She got over it and put on her million dollar smile for the camera.

Jenna and Landon love grandpa Bob's hat. They fight over it every time he comes over. We have dug out some hats for them to wear around the house. Don't they look cute!


Anonymous said...

I'm the first to comment!!! No more doubts on whether or not I check the blog everyday huh :)
They're growing like weeds! The pictures crack me up. I miss them like crazy but guess what! I'll be home Friday!!!! I can't wait!!!
Have I told you how cute they are?


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed coming by yesterday & seeing you & your family. The kids are beautiful & they are so funny.


Anonymous said...

They are growing like weeds!!!! Crystal loves looking @ the pictures and almost knows who is who!!! We find out Aug. 11th what the baby if we have a boy...I might need to come over and look @ your garage sale clothes...if you have any. I'll let ya know though!!!

:-) Kali