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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Peyton Joseph

My sweet, cute, rambunctious Peytie. I am writing this letter to you so you will know how much you are loved. You are a fighter and have changed the most both physically and socially. The moment I first laid eyes on you, you took a part of my heart that no one in this world will ever take. It was especially made just for you by God. You were tiny and frail. You were fighting for every breath. But, you persevered and slowly began to grow.

I visited you most everyday in the NICU. You were the same weight as Landon and 2 oz. bigger than your sister Jenna, but you seemed the skinniest. Your tiny hand barely could wrap around the tip of your daddy’s finger. You wrinkled your forehead all the time and had big black eyes. Every time we came to visit you, you were wide awake looking out of your isolette. Ethan led the way thru the NICU with you, Landon, and Sydney following quickly behind. We had assumed Ethan would take the first trip home. You had other plans. To our shock, you surpassed your big brother and got to come home first.

The first week we had you all by yourself. We took you everywhere with us. At night you cried and tossed and turned. You weren’t transitioning very easily. As soon as we brought Ethan home you were a different kid. It was amazing the difference your brother made. We put you both in the same crib to sleep and you slept wonderfully as soon as he was there beside you.

As you began to grow and change you were very somber. No one could get you to smile and you had somewhat of a temper. Everyone commented about how you didn’t ever have an expression on your face. You just took in your surroundings in your own way. The first year you kind of blended in with the pack. Lots of people picked you out of the bunch to be a handful. That was partially true. While you always let your needs and wants known to anyone around, you weren’t showing off your sparkling personality. You trudged along with the rest of the pack reaching your milestones slowly. One thing I will never forget is the way you used to smile really big when you watched “The Song of the Cebu.” It was a Veggie Tales song, and you loved when Dr. Archibald would come out and talk. We got it on video. I never could figure out what it was about those few scenes that was funny to you. It was the only way we knew to get you to smile, so we played that song a lot.

When you turned a year old everything changed. It was like a flip switched in your head. You went from being very similar to the rest to very different. You became the comedian. Everything was funny to you and you would laugh for no apparent reason. It was so refreshing to see you happy. You began passing everyone up on crawling and talking and eating. You just got it one day.

Now you are 21 months old and the happiest part of my day. While I love you all equally, you are all extremely different from one another. I know which of you will fulfill my need whatever it may be. When I need a pick-me-up, you are the kid I go to. As you are all growing you don’t need me as much. However, if I need to be reminded of how much fun you all are I head your way. You never disappoint when I need a smile or laugh. Even when you are in trouble and it isn’t funny, you laugh. Everything is perfect in your life right now. You are completely content and happy with your life. You let me know that all is well with the world everyday. We have our daily cuddle sessions where you bring me an oversized blanket and want to be rocked. After your two or three minutes of snuggling you are off again to share your joy of life with the others.

Even though you love your siblings dearly, you also are very smart. We have to strategically place you in the van because you pick on Landon. You will take his precious blankies and stand on them so he can’t get them, or steal them from him in the van. You tackle any of your siblings from behind and hold on until we have to pry you off of them. You hold toys in front of Jenna and get her to reach for them. Then you mischievously pull them away. You have also been crowned King of the Poop Parties. That honor means that you are forever stuck in full body sleepers that you can’t get off. You are a very sly little guy. Even after taunting and teasing, you always have a hug and kiss waiting for everyone. Especially when someone is laying on the floor for a diaper change. That is when you go in for the ultimate attack. Kisses and hugs galore. They love it and so do you. Never forget the love you have for your brothers and sisters.

Peyton, I pray that you never lose your joy. You have a sparkle in your eyes that radiates through a room. You are very smart and can do great things in this world. I pray that your love for your mommy, daddy, and siblings only grows. Because in the end, all we have is each other. You are so special to me and that special place God made for you in my heart will always be there. No matter what life brings our way, you will always be my Peytie.


Fulton Quads said...

I LOVE your post! I too wrote to each of mine. In my delirious days I actually thought I could keep up a "Baby book" for each of mine which this blog ended up becoming. Yours will love reading about themselves & how much they are loved when they get older! Keep up the good work! Cathy

Anonymous said...

All of that is so true...Peyton is definitely something else. I love the little guy and can't wait to get them all in my arms in only 4 days!!!! I've got to start coming home more often before they forget me! I love you guys and thrive off of these postings. I've checked every day to see if there was a new one and today...well you just made my day! I hope today is an easy one for you all.

All my love,

Stephanie said...

What a beautiful letter! I cant wait to read them all!!

farmerswife06 said...

Oh my goodness!! That was beautiful!!! I still have goosebumps. Thank you so much for sharing. I look forward to reading the rest of the letters.