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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kisses and Crashes

Last week Rob was gone to Cincinnati for work. When he got home everyone was thrilled to see daddy. Ethan was showering both of us with kisses and hugs. The weekend was great. The beginning of the week was great too. Today was a different day. First of all, Peyton has figured out how to pull the regular outlet covers off. He is consumed with getting as many covers off before I find him and swat his butt and put him on the couch. As soon as I turn my head he is back again doing the same thing. I don't have enough of the good covers to go around yet. So, until then I will have to watch him like a hawk. That is minor compared to what Ethan did this morning. I will let you watch the video to see for yourself.

Yep, he did it. I thought it was almost impossible to break those windows. They are triple pane and really heavy. He had a maraca in his hand when we got back there to them. I was in the kitchen and Rob was in the living room with three of them. Ethan and Sydney were in the boys room playing. I heard really loud banging and yelled "What's going on?" As those words were coming out of my mouth I heard the crash. I knew as soon as I heard it. Rob took it a little harder than I did. I told him it was our own fault for not being back there. They aren't old enough to follow our rules when we aren't there to enforce them. They definitely shouldn't hit the windows with things, but what do you expect with five 21 month toddlers? I am taking advice from the Steece's. Yeah, it stinks that the window is broke and will cost at least $215 to fix. However, I am so thankful that no one was hurt when it happened. I am also thankful that the window didn't break completely through. Then the boys would have nowhere to sleep. God is always looking out for us. Even when things don't go our way.


The Farm House Kids said...

Dear Ethan,

You sweet sweet little boy ... I'm so glad you're okay and didn't get cut!


Anonymous said...

This is way too funny. I am sure for you two it is not right now. Too cute. Boys are a handful. Loved the v-tape clip. I am trying to figure out how to place that up on my computer. Not that tech savy in that area yet. Hope all is well and no more broken windows. Take care you all and have a Merry Christmas.