Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Note to self...

Either leave the bedroom door open, or open a window after nap time. My poor girls. Ethan takes his afternoon nap in Jenna and Syd's room. We have to close all doors in the hallway to keep them somewhat confined. Ethan, like usual, pooped during his nap. I didn't think anything about it until it was bed time. I opened their door to put Sydney in her bed. I was knocked down with the worst stench I have ever smelled. It was so bad that I felt guilty for making them sleep in there. Normally, we close the bedroom doors so they aren't distracted with the noises or lights throughout the house. I had to leave it open for about an hour. The smell came all the way into the living room. I guess the warmer weather is making the poop smell linger. Needless to say, the girls didn't fall asleep until the fog cleared and I could close their door.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Their first pet!

The kids have their first pet. A horse named brownie. They love her. unfortunately, we don't have enough room upstairs to keep her in the living room. We had to move her to the basement. The kids enjoyed taking turns riding her. As you can see, Sydney wasn't sure what to think. Landon loved brownie.

We went to church yesterday and to a soup dinner and bon fire that evening. The kids loved it. It is nice for us because so many people love our kids we get a break. I could tell this morning that they had eaten some different food than they were used to. Their diapers were some of the best ones yet!! I can't wait for potty training.

We are hopefully going to get a fence up this week sometime. I will post pictures once we get it up.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Their first car

We decided to go ahead and get them their first car. It's never too soon to start practicing. They did pretty well for their first time behind the wheel.
Sydney loves the peek-a-boo game. She is always finding things to put on her head. It's so funny to watch her with clothes on her head trying to walk around something. Ethan is walking full time now. He is so good at it. Landon is starting to walk around more steadily now. Pretty soon he will be running. I love this age. I am already wishing they would stay this age. I never thought that would come. Until now, I always wanted them to get past certain things. They are so much fun right now. Everyone is starting to talk and play together. They love Rob and me so much. I never thought we would see the day that they actually loved us back. It feels so good. Words can't describe how much I love my kids. They are my pride and joy.