Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Pappaw Bob!

That is the song we are singing today. Papaw is 60 years old today. I have to say that I couldn't have picked a better father-in-law. So many people are too busy to see their family. They let days, weeks, months, and even years go by without speaking or visiting. Then, when it is too late they wish they could have had that time back. Suddenly, they realize they could have made time to see the people they love.

The kids will look back one day and know that they had a papaw who loved them more than life and would have done anything for them. I remember when we first found out we were having multiples. Bob was the first person Rob called. We had our ultrasound pictures and Bob took them around to everyone he knew. When the kids were born he wore a button on his shirt with the kids picture on it. He is a truck driver and meets countless people. That let him talk about them all the time. He is so proud of his family. He was the first person who got to go see the kids after they were born. Even before I got to. When he walks into the room the kids cry and scream and throw a fit because they want him to pick them up and take them home with him. They love papaw Bob more than life. He is talked about in our home more than anyone else. Yes, even more than Daddy. That is because papaw gets to drive a cool truck and every truck on the road is papaw's. I would say that not an hour goes by in our house that we don't talk about papaw. Maybe because daddy has a tractor, but papaw's is better. We have a swing set, but papaw's is better. They adore their papaw.

I am so proud to say I have a father-in-law who loves the Lord and wants his family to grow up in church. He stands up every time he gets a chance to and tells everyone in the church how blessed a life he has led. He is a Vietnam War Veteran and proud American. We tease him a lot because he messes his words up sometimes, but he always puts a smile on our faces. Sometimes he says he isn't very smart, but he knows more about politics and economics than any person I know. He can build or fix anything. And he loves his family. Besides the fact that he is a Cardinal and Jeff Gordan fan, he is about as good as they come. He is my husband's role model and best friend. I am so thankful that he taught my husband how to be a good man and wonderful husband and father. I have no fear of the future because I know he loves and respects his dad more than anyone else in this world. And his dad taught him about integrity and honesty. Bob is a man I am so blessed to know and have in my life. So, Happy 60th Birthday Papaw Bob! We love you!

Friday, August 28, 2009

I Just Couldn't Help Myself!

So, today I decided to take matters into my own hands. After all, I am their mother. I mean, we didn't have an appointment made and who knows when we could have gotten in. I couldn't stand it any longer. How hard could it be? Don't we all do it? In case you haven't figured it out, I am talking about haircuts. Yes, I did it.

I drove to my moms house and stole her clippers. I just couldn't stand the boy's hair any longer. Everything started out great. Landon sat perfectly still and let me buzz away. I used the scissors on the top and he looked fine. He doesn't have much hair anyway, so it probably couldn't have gotten too messed up anyway. Then it was Peyton's turn. Poor boy, he didn't stand a chance. His hair is really fine and straight. We keep it longer on top because it can lay weird if it is too short. So, I didn't think about the fact that a #2 guard on his hair was too short for longer hair on top. By the time I was done trying to make it look okay I had to buzz it all off. Luckily I didn't get too crazy. I got it pretty even with a #8 guard on top. It isn't blended very well, but I think I salvaged what was left pretty well. I called Rachel to fix it tonight. So, at least when it grows out it won't look too bad.

Do you think I learned my lesson with Peyton? No way. Ethan needed the cut more than the other two. So, I went up to a #3 guard on him and started in. His cut went pretty well. It isn't even by any means, but with gel, you can't even tell. I am just going to wait and see. I keep telling myself that every mom does this once. Oh well, I am swallowing my pride and doing this post for the kids sake. They deserve to know what their mom put them through as little kids. The pictures don't look that bad. But, I promise Peyton's is uneven. It will need some work.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Know, I Know...

it has been way too long since I did a post. I promise I am working on it. Things have been really crazy around here and I have let it slip by. I promise in the next day or so I will have a fresh new update for everyone to read. Keep us in your prayers. Nothing too big, just a lot of little things weighing me down right now. Don't worry, nobody panic! Just keep us in your prayers.