Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Baby Food

The doctor has put everyone but Jenna on baby food. We started this morning. I gave them sweet potatoes. I couldn't get it to Ethan fast enough. He was throwing a fit once he decided that he liked it. Landon did good in the beginning. He got frustrated and was pretty fussy after a while. Sydney loved it in the beginning. She was fussy after a while too. Peyton couldn't decide if he liked it or not. He wouldn't open his mouth or swallow. He just made a mess. All in all we had fun. It will take a little while for them to get the hang of it. We put their table up last night. They are a little small for it, but it worked great. Landon loved it when we sat him in there. He was all smiles. Those who know Landon know that is huge.

Doctor's Visit

We took the kids to the doctor yesterday. Everything went okay. We got to the doctor's office and went to get the stroller out and found the Rob had taken the triple stroller out of the van. He was in trouble. Not really, we carried three of them up and put the big boys in the double stroller. Ethan passed with flying colors. He is right on schedule with a 4 mo. old baby. He weighed 16lbs. Landon was next weighing in at 13lbs 1oz. He had no problems except that he doesn't eat as much as she would like. She said that about all of them but Ethan. Peyton weighed 12lbs 5oz, and Syd weighed 11lbs 6oz. Landon, Peyton, and Syd all measured 24 1/2 in in length. Ethan is short. He is 25 1/2 in. I think he is going to take after me in height. Jenna kind of flunked all around. She weighed 9lbs 9oz and is 22 1/2in. The doc. said that we need to start the process of looking into a feeding tube for her. She only eats about 2 oz per feeding. Sometimes she eats more. She said it would take about a month and a half before we would do it. Maybe by then she will start doing better. We will see. Pray that she starts to grow. All the kids got shots again. They are doing better this time than they did last time. Landon had a pretty high fever last night, but he is the only one who is having much trouble. Other than Jenna, everyone did great.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Ear Piercing

On Tuesday I remembered late that Jenna had two appointments in Evansville. I didn't have any help lined up so I had to take an extra kid with me. I decided to leave the boys at home and took the girls with me. We made it through the appointments and visited the pastor in the hospital. He had surgery that morning and it worked out perfect that we got to visit between her appointments. After all the doctor stuff we made our way over to the mall. I parked at the back right by Claire's. We went in and were done in about 15min. The girls did great. Sydney went first. She cried for a minute and was okay after that. Jenna did better than she did. She cried for maybe 5 sec. They look so adorable. I got one picture of Sydney. I haven't gotten a picture of Jenna yet with hers. They are little pink flowers. I will try to get a better picture of both of them. This one is hard to see. I'm so glad I got it done now and not waited until they were too big.

The kids have really taken a liking to Veggie Tales. We play that nonstop in the mornings. They sit content and watch it for a while. They are growing so fast I can even notice it. Sydney has finally figured out that she can move. She is still working on how everything works together. Today she was trying to push herself with her feet. She did a lot of hollering and grunting, but not a lot of moving. She did get to the toy she wanted but it took about 15min. She knows she wants something and will work until she gets it. In this picture she has rolled over to Ethan and has a toy. Ethan wanted it also. They decided to share. Aren't they cute? I can't believe she is so close to moving around. Pretty soon I will look up and she will be gone. The others aren't far behind. I'm glad they aren't so bad at eating (except Jenna) but sad it is going so fast now. They go for their 6mo shots on Monday. I will let you all know their new weights and how everything is going. They will be 7mo old on the 15th. Hard to believe isn't it?

Sunday, September 2, 2007

More French Lick Pictures!

Parking lot of the Dome
Us in the Dome
The center of the Dome looking up
West Baden Springs Hotel
Rob in the Dome
The Casino boat that isn't really a boat
French Lick Resort

Back from French Lick

We were able to go on a 24 hour vacation this weekend. Thanks to many people who pitched in to help with the kids. We really needed the break. I missed the kids like crazy. Rob's parents and my sisters and lots of other family pitched in and the kids did great. We went to Patoka Lake and stayed overnight. Saturday we went over and looked at the two hotels that have been refurbished. West Baden Springs hotel is a dome hotel. It is really neat. You can see the inside of it. They really have made it nice. The other hotel is called French Lick Resort. It isn't as interesting. you can see it is HUGE. The two hotels have a lot of neat gardens and different things to do. They have horse back riding and spas. We had a really nice time. We ate at a golf course because you had to have reservations for the other places. It wasn't very good. We ate outside and that was really nice. The weather was great. We took a few rides around the campsite on the golf cart. we sat around the fire and made smoors. It was perfect. We were planning on sleeping in, but we were up by 7:15am. We were glad to see the kids. We went to Jasper and found the Super Walmart. We bought the kids some toys to play with. They don't have a lot of interactive toys. They like them. We had a great time!