Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Back from French Lick

We were able to go on a 24 hour vacation this weekend. Thanks to many people who pitched in to help with the kids. We really needed the break. I missed the kids like crazy. Rob's parents and my sisters and lots of other family pitched in and the kids did great. We went to Patoka Lake and stayed overnight. Saturday we went over and looked at the two hotels that have been refurbished. West Baden Springs hotel is a dome hotel. It is really neat. You can see the inside of it. They really have made it nice. The other hotel is called French Lick Resort. It isn't as interesting. you can see it is HUGE. The two hotels have a lot of neat gardens and different things to do. They have horse back riding and spas. We had a really nice time. We ate at a golf course because you had to have reservations for the other places. It wasn't very good. We ate outside and that was really nice. The weather was great. We took a few rides around the campsite on the golf cart. we sat around the fire and made smoors. It was perfect. We were planning on sleeping in, but we were up by 7:15am. We were glad to see the kids. We went to Jasper and found the Super Walmart. We bought the kids some toys to play with. They don't have a lot of interactive toys. They like them. We had a great time!

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