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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Doctor's Visit

We took the kids to the doctor yesterday. Everything went okay. We got to the doctor's office and went to get the stroller out and found the Rob had taken the triple stroller out of the van. He was in trouble. Not really, we carried three of them up and put the big boys in the double stroller. Ethan passed with flying colors. He is right on schedule with a 4 mo. old baby. He weighed 16lbs. Landon was next weighing in at 13lbs 1oz. He had no problems except that he doesn't eat as much as she would like. She said that about all of them but Ethan. Peyton weighed 12lbs 5oz, and Syd weighed 11lbs 6oz. Landon, Peyton, and Syd all measured 24 1/2 in in length. Ethan is short. He is 25 1/2 in. I think he is going to take after me in height. Jenna kind of flunked all around. She weighed 9lbs 9oz and is 22 1/2in. The doc. said that we need to start the process of looking into a feeding tube for her. She only eats about 2 oz per feeding. Sometimes she eats more. She said it would take about a month and a half before we would do it. Maybe by then she will start doing better. We will see. Pray that she starts to grow. All the kids got shots again. They are doing better this time than they did last time. Landon had a pretty high fever last night, but he is the only one who is having much trouble. Other than Jenna, everyone did great.

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