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Tuesday, January 6, 2009



This letter is especially for you. You amaze me more than any of your brothers or sister. You see, you have had to fight the hardest of all. Being pregnant with five of you in my belly meant that you all were going to have mountains to climb to survive. The nurses tagged you as stubborn and bossy. There was one trait we didn't realize about you back then. You would go to the ends of the earth and back for mommy, daddy, or your sissy and bubbies. You took 90% of the struggles and fought through. Being born at a meager 1lb 13oz, you were 2nd biggest. Hard to believe that, but it's true. You were faced with the same hurdles as everyone else and worked through those beautifully. One day we came to visit you in the NICU and were faced with devastating news. You contracted
MRSA Staff. That is a deadly staff infection. You were quarantined and confined to your isolette for weeks. We had no idea how sick you were until after you were home. I hated seeing you stuck in that little space and all swollen from the medications. We couldn't touch you or feed you or help you in any way. It was in that time that God carried you through. You were too sick to fight all by yourself.

After what seemed like an eternity, you were healthy enough for us to hold you with gloves and a mask. You had a couple weeks of being healthy before you were faced with another hurdle. You had ROP (
Retinopathy of Prematurity.) The doctors told us one day and the next you were having surgery. We got to hold you and carry you back to the table. When you were coming out of the anesthesia your body kept twitching everywhere. I was relieved that everything was going to be okay. They said your vision would not be affected since you had the surgery. Once again you overcame the odds. You were back on track to come home with the rest.

Peyton came home first, a week later Ethan, and two days after that you were joining the crew. Rob and I drove down with Peyton and Ethan to get you. Rob parked outside the doors and I headed up to get you. When I got in the NICU Dr. Vincent found me and said he needed to talk to Rob and I . He left the NICU and we rode the elevator down to the van. That elevator ride was the longest ride ever. Dr. Vincent then told us that they did a routine brain scan on you and found a cyst. How in the world did this cyst all the sudden show up after countless brain scans? Dr. Vincent was really upset that this incurable problem arose. There was nothing we could do. You were at extreme risk for CP (
Cerebral Palsy.) The cyst is in the front right part of your brain. We wouldn't know how it was going to affect you until you started crawling and walking.

Time passed and you grew like the rest. You hit your milestones later than a term baby would, but that was to be expected. Every milestone we were looking, waiting for you to fail. You never did. PERFECT!!!!! You beat the odds and are absolutely PERFECT!!!! You are amazing! You took the brunt of the problems and overcame them all. It amazes me to think of what you have accomplished in your short little life.

Now you are leaping past your siblings in most every category. You love books and remember most every word we tell you. You talk to us and tell us what you want. You love to do things for us and follow directions. Every morning you get every one's cup and take it to them and then tell them thank you. You love kisses and hugs and laughing. Your personality definitely makes up for your wild hair. Born with the most, you have a mop on your head that no one can touch.

You are the life of the party and love to talk to everyone around. I can't wait for you to get a little bigger and I can dress you in funky clothes. You have that personality that can pull a funky look off and make it look great. I love tip toeing in to check on you at night. You are like a dead person when you sleep. It is hilarious to see you. Arms and legs strewn about. Your head is usually buried under a mound of covers and pillow. I make sure your legs aren't caught between the bars and then pull the covers off your head. I pick your arms or legs up and they just flop back to the bed. I think I could pick you up and drop you on the floor and you wouldn't wake up. Okay, maybe not.

Syd, you brighten every day and never fail to bring a smile to my face. You make me so proud as a mommy. I look back at how tiny and frail you were and can't believe the little girl you have become. I hope you don't let anyone steal your happiness. You are fun, outgoing, and energetic. Most all the pictures I take of you look the same because you are always happy and smiling. I wish a lifetime of laughter and happiness for you. My prayer is that you grow up and change the world. I know you can do it. You have a captivating presence. People pay attention when you are around. God has special plans for you Sydney Shea. He carried you through all the struggles in the past and will be there as you grow up. Hold onto him and you will be just fine. I love you baby girl!

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Nicole said...

I totally agree with everything you've said about Syd. She is such a trouper and the life of the party! Smarter than heck and sweet as pie. I love to watch her help out her brothers and sister and give them hugs. She seemed to be a bully, but has turned out to be so helpful to her siblings. I think Syd's philosophy will be 'I can beat up my brothers and sister, but no one else can!' I'm so excited for what the future holds for her.