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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What do you do???

So, in case you haven't heard yet, we had a huge scare today. The morning started like usual. I got breakfast ready and the kids ate like champs. Everyone was done but Peyton so I decided to start changing diapers. I think every one of them were poopy. I grabbed Jenna first because she was in reaching distance from where I plopped down with my diapers and wipes. The usual play was going on around me. Sydney was sitting about 3 feet away in the little recliner with a cell phone. Ethan and Landon had a little spat the I had to deal with and I was finally getting Jenna cleaned up. Luckily I had already gotten Jenna's diaper on when Syd walked over to me.
She was really pale and was holding her arms out looking for help. I knew immediately that something wasn't right. I thought she was going to pass out. She melted into my arms and I was asking her if she was okay. I looked at her again and she still didn't look okay. I tried to see if she could stand up and she couldn't. So, I left Jenna half undressed and a poopy diaper open on the floor and ran with Syd in my arms to the bedroom where Rob was. I flipped on the light and told him that I thought Syd was going to pass out.

When I laid her on the bed her lips and eyelids were blue and her eyes rolled back in her head. I immediately stood her up and tried to wake her up. She started to gasp for air and couldn't breathe. After about 6 gasps she collapsed. She wasn't breathing and was lifeless in my arms. I ran to the kitchen and grabbed the phone and dialed 911. Rob ran in and he took the phone while I tried to get her to open her eyes. The entire time I was thinking that she couldn't go without breathing for more than a minute or she could have brain damage. All I was trying to do was get her to breathe. Her eyes were rolled back in her head and she couldn't come too. The dispatcher told Rob that I needed to push really hard and rub really fast over her heart. So that is exactly what I did. I was rubbing as fast and hard as I could. Like magic she opened her eyes. She was lifeless and pale but she was breathing. Praise God!!!

In those few moments I thought I was losing my baby girl. I thought she may die in my arms. My little girl who I fought so hard to bring into this world needed God to bring her through those moments. She couldn't fight what was happening to her. I wanted to throw her in the van and drive her to the hospital myself. I shouted to Rob that I was leaving at least twice. But I knew she needed more than that. She needed me to help her. So, I kicked into mom gear and yelled at the dispatcher to tell me what to do. At that moment I would have cut my own arm off if it would have helped her.

The EMT's and fire department were at our house in no time. They all came in and checked her out. Once they determined that she was stable they had me get on the gurney with her. We were covered up and strapped down. She didn't like that at all. We made it to St. Mary's Emergency Room and they did a urine sample and chest X-ray. When they were cleared they sent us home. After lots of questions we reluctantly went home.

I called Dr. Goldman before we left the parking lot. They were away to lunch so I couldn't tell her what was going on. By the time I got through to them we were almost home. She wanted us to turn right around and come back. She is the best!! So, after making more plans for the other kids I headed back down to see Dr. Goldman. Thankfully, she wanted to admit her to run some more tests. I don't think I would have slept at all tonight if we hadn't tried to figure out more.

So, we came back to the hospital and admitted her for more testing. So far we have had a Cat Scan of her head, blood work, an EKG, and in the morning she will have an EEG. Rob and I have narrowed it down to a seizure or something heart related. Neither of us know though. That is just our opinions. So, I am typing away in the bed beside Syd. She is in her little cage of a bed.
Poor thing, I tried to baby her and love on her and rock to her to sleep. That was going no where. I finally laid her down in the bed and tried to get her to fall asleep. That wasn't working. In the end I had to put the rails up on the bed and walk away. She didn't care. The room was dark and she had something stuck on her foot that made her foot glow red. She thought that was the coolest thing. She likes that bed. Now she is sound asleep. The nurse said she was going to come in every four hours to check her vitals. That stinks!!!! They have her hooked up to the exact same monitors that she had in the NICU. I had dejavu (sp?) when those monitors started going off. Every time she moved they would go off. At least she is safe here and we will find out more in the morning.
Thank you for all your prayers and support today. It was really uplifting to see how much everyone cared. I also want to thank the Princeton EMT's, Fire Department, and dispatch for coming so quickly. I'm not sure if the police came too, but if they did, Thanks! You all did GREAT!! I will keep you all posted. Here are a few pictures I took tonight. In the ones where the bars are pulled up. the lights are off and the room is dark. My flash made it look light but it really isn't.
So here soon I am going to bow my head and thank God that he was here. He took care of my little girl today. It is amazing that it happened when I was right there. If I had been in the kitchen I don't know what whould have happened. God is so good! I will keep you all posted!


The Farm House Kids said...


It's good to hear that she is doing better. Thank goodness for "Mom Gear", eh?

Amy W. called this evening to ask what happened and I told her ... and I know you already have a lot prayer chains and personal prayers headed Syd's way.

I'll check in with you in the morning and see if you need anything.



Amy said...

how terrifying! we're praying that everything is ok

Deb said...

praise God! Let me know Em what I can do to help, I'll be there. Hang in there we are praying for the family. Deb

Fulton Quads said...

OH MY GOODNESS! You did awesome & you should be proud! I hope they get to the bottom of what actually caused that to happen! I asked myself if I could have been SO brave if I were in that position & I want to say that I would. Being a mommy gives you super powers & SUPER strength! Please keep us up to date on her condition! You all will be in our prayers!
Hugs to all!
love, Cathy & the quads

Heidi said...

Oh how scary! The Lord was definately watching over you all and protecting you! We will be praying that you find some answers soon and she will be on the road to recovery!

Anonymous said...

Emily and Rob,
The family down here in Florida is thinking and praying for Sydney often.
Love to all,

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Syd is okay. I hope they find out soon what caused this. We'll be praying for you.


Stephanie said... really kicked into mom mode! You did such a great job..thank goodness you were both home!
I'm so glad to hear she is doing are all in my prayers.
Keep us updated please!

Anonymous said...


We are thinking and praying for Sydney...I couldn't imagine how you felt...but you did awesome responding the way you did. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you...I'm just a phone call away!!

:-) Kali

The Stephens said...

Thinking and praying of you and your beautiful babies! sooo glad she is ok.
Kim from kansas!

Stacey said...

oh my gosh Emily, as I sit here crying I can't even imagine! I will call and check on you guys. Prayers of course from here.

Love ya Stacey

Jenny said...

wow. that's all i can say! Thank God she's alright. Let me know if there's anything i can do to help. Heck you could even bring the other 4 over to play if you needed to:):) 8 kids under the age of biggy!:) hah! Let us know how she's doing! We're praying lots!


Donna S. said...

God is good. Praise the Lord that he was with you the entire time and helped you know what to do. Thank the Lord that Rob was there as well to help and give support. You were all in our thoughts and prayers all day yesterday and continue to be. If there is anything we can do let us know.

Katie Hilfiker said...

Hello, Wright family!

I am praying for your sweet little Sydney! My premie son had a weird episode one time while he was sitting in the high chair where his lips turned blue, and he got "twitchy". As an epileptic, I was totally freaked! We had an EEG done, and it was clear. Hopefully all your results will come back good!

Lori said...

No words, how terrifying. Praying for your family

Anonymous said...

I'll keep you all in our prayers...I know it's got to be hard no to be w/ the others too! Hopefully all good news coming your way!
With love and Luck,

The Murray Crew said...

I've been thinking and praying for you so often. Hoping that no news is good news. I really can't imagine what you went through...
Hang in there, mama!

Your Hoosier Buddies

Mom's monkeys said...

You guys are in our thoughts and prayers.

The Otten Family