Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Big News Is...

I am having my Grand Opening of my own business. I make birth bracelets, mommy bracelets, and other girly bracelets. All five of my kiddos have a birth bracelet. It will be a cherished heirloom when they get older and see how little they once were. We are really excited about this new endeavor. I want to do whatever I can to ensure that if something happens to Rob's job we will be okay. I also want to try to have an income that will allow me to be flexible, and available for the kids when they go to school. I want to go to their school programs and help out during events. A job from home is just what I need.

Check out my website. It is live and brand new! Tell everyone you know. My plan is to have my brochure passed out with the birth packets in some of the local hospitals. I also will go to some local shops and see if they would be interested in selling.

I would be forever grateful if you would pass the word and link around. If you or anyone has any questions just leave me a comment or send me an email at

P.S. Check out the link and leave me some comments. I would love to make this the best it can be. Any ideas or critiques are appreciated!
Happy New Year!!!


Anonymous said...

How cool and what a clever idea. I think it is great and I am excitied to see the website. I had to stay up and see the great news. Course, working on my mounds of laundry at the same time. Congradulations on this new and exciting journey. I will pass info along to others.

Morgan said...

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year & congratulations on you new business.


Shelia said...

Congrats on your new business endeavor! The website is very well put together and I'm looking forward to my daughter's birthday now.... I'm sensing a princess bracelet!

Good luck with the business, quints, and all the New Year brings you!

Moni Graf said...

The website looks great! I'll definitely pass the word on all your great products.

Congrats and best of luck to you and your family this New Year. Excited to see what it brings us!

Love from KS,
Moni and the Graf Quads

The Stephens said...

These are Beautiful! Contratulations! I posted your link on my site!

Good luck & Congratulations!

Fulton Quads said...

They look ADORABLE! I will definitely pass the info on to all of my mommy friends. I hope your company is a success! Cathy

SCM said...

Congratulations on your new business! The site looks great and the bracelets are beautiful. I have been wanting a mommy bracelet and one for each of my girls and even my mom for some time now so you'll have 3-4 sales in the near future for sure! Good luck.