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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Picture Update

This was their Christmas present from Grandma and Pappaw Friedman.
They LOVE them!

I have been so busy lately! Luckily, staying busy makes time pass more quickly. RSV season is enough to make any HOMM (higher order multiple mom) go nuts. We are trudging along day by day waiting for the weather to break. I read other HOM blogs and they all live in Texas and down south. They are going outside and doing all kinds of fun stuff right now. Here in Southern Indiana it is about 30 degrees and windy.

Anyway, I wanted to give a brief update on what has been going on around here. The kiddos are doing great. We got RSV shots last week and had our weights checked. Things switched up a bit this time. I was pretty surprised when it was all done and over with. First of all, they have reached the age of remembering. We are at the point now that when we get into the elevator to go to the office they start crying. They do okay in the waiting area, but as soon as we get into the small room where we wait for Dr. Goldman to come in, all bets are off. It is a free for all. I hate it that they know what is coming. Every time we go to the doctor they get shots. They are ending soon I think. Anyway, Rob and I survived and Terri, Dr. Goldman's nurse, did a great job. Ethan is still leading the pack weighing 27lbs. Surprisingly Sydney leaped ahead of Peyton by a pound. She weighs 21lbs 12oz. Peyton stayed the same weight as before at 20lbs 13oz. Landon is finally catching up and is right on Peyton's heels. He weighed 20lbs 9oz. Jenna is still bringing up the rear at 18lbs 10oz. We still haven't gotten over the hump with her yet. Hopefully we will see 20lbs by the time she is 3. HAHA!!
They are really starting to talk more. Sydney can say anything and remembers most words you tell her. Every morning we get her out of bed and she rund to the boys room and shouts Bubby!! The others are picking up a lot from her. They are starting to understand what we are saying and I can see communication starting to build. It is so neat to watch their little minds at work.

Now to the pictures...

Syd sleeps like a Rock!

Peytie was really exhausted after dinner at Grandma and Pappaw's today.

Ethan's hair after a bath. He is due for another haircut soon I think.

Landon is finally starting to get hair!! It is only on the top and it is so blonde that you can't see it. Except for when he gets it spiked after bath.

Our Christmas card included these two pictures. They were the best ones we got out of about 50 consecutive shots.

I love the way Landon chews on his blankie. He does it all the time. Even in his sleep.

The kids got lots of play food for Christmas. Peyton tried everything out to make sure it wasn't real.

They really enjoyed opening gifts this year. Especially once they saw the toys inside.


Christmas picture with the cousins. Left to right: Monica, Sydney, Jenna, Tameka, Noah, Landon, Peyton, Ali, Ethan, Patrick

Haven't they changed!!



Anonymous said...

My daughter got one of those little recliners for her first birthday. She is now 13 and we still have that chair and it is still in great shape. Of course, now it is used to hold the clothes my daughter refuses to put away but at least it is still being used.

Fulton Quads said...

LOVE the pic's! Your children are ADORABLE! I can barely manage with my 4 & you have 5! YIKES! I'd love to send you some of our warm weather! Have a Happy New Year!
love, Cathy & the Fulton Quads

Anonymous said...

I took care of your little ones in the NICU, and I check your blog every once in a while to see how they are doing. They look great! You are so blessed to have such a wonderful family, and your children are blessed to have good christian parents!

Anonymous said...

Ethan looks soooo much like Rob...only w/blonde hair!!!!! Isn't it sooo much fun to listen to them talk and have little conversations??? I hope everybody stays healthy. We need to schedule another playdate sometime...Crystal still talks about "playing w/all those little kids"!


Anonymous said...

I loved your pictures. I bet you with Landon's hair being so blonde that it looks like a halo. Dana hair didn't start coming in untill she was almost 2 & it was so blonde that it looked like she had a halo.


Heza Hekele said...

I love the mohawk picture! That is actually the haircut my godson had all last summer (same issue, hair was so light you could hardly see it) I would clean shave the sides every other weekend and spike it whenever we went out. It was funny how many times people would ask, "does it grow that way naturally?" Or just how many people would stop us at random, I mean stop him at random and tell him they loved his hair. Good memories.