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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, May 15, 2009

Another Poop Party!

Well, I thought I had finally figured out how to keep Peyton in his diaper. It turns out that he is smarter than I am. I put him in a one piece crotch button outfit to sleep in every night. On top of that, I duck tape his diaper on. Well, yesterday morning I went in to get them up and this is what I found.

Yes, it smelled as bad as it looks. I had to leave him in there until I got the other kids fed and cleaned up. I put him in the tub and scrubbed him with a bar of soap. I didn't use the baby soap, I used the real stuff. When I got him out and dressed I smelled his hands and he still smelled like poop. It was so gross. The smell has worn off now and we are taking a different approach to keep his diaper on. We cut the arms and one leg out of his sleepers. That zipped up backwards kept his morning poop in the diaper. Yes!! That should give me about a week before I have to come up with something else.


lovey said...

Uggh...not fun. Good luck!!!

Kylie said...

how gross! leave it to the boys to play in their poop! good to see you're being so resourceful :)

farmerswife06 said...

I was going to leave a comment on here about how well behaved they all are... Sorry!!! But today they were angels!!! Even if they do have the occasional Poop party!!! My dad said you must be a great mom cause we didn't hear a peep put of them. He was getting a kick out of the one closet to us. I'm not sure if it was Ethan or not? But he was really hamming it up. Thanks for brightening up our lunch hour!!!!! Your kids are beautiful!!!!

Amy said...

Hey Emily!
Dr. Turnquest said Hello back and also wanted me to tell you to venture in to visit if you are ever down her way. She also said the offer still stands that if you want to give one of the babies up she'll take one! She's a very nice lady! Talk to you later!

Anonymous said...

Yuck!! I feel for you. We had the same issues with our little gals. It will pass but I know how hard and frustrating it is to have to smell and clean up the kids messes. Hang in there!!! Your doing a great job!