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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Elmo's Potty Time!

Well, we haven't gotten past Veggie Tales yet. I have to say, Veggie Tales is burned into my brain. What is even worse, Rob knows them frontwards and backwards too. That tells you how bad it is for me because he is only here about 20% of the time. So, I see it 5x more than he does. In any random conversation he will insert a phrase from one of the shows. I told him I feel sorry for him because he has all these random weird sayings in his head and busts them out at any given time. It's pretty funny when he does the impressions.
I went on Veggie Tales strike the other day. I told them we weren't going to watch it today and they begged and begged. So, I put in Elmo's Potty Time. They liked it. Hopefully that will plant a seed and maybe we will be able to start potty training soon. Right now they don't get it. Syd is the closest and she still doesn't really get it. That is one battle I will NOT fight. I am not going to stress myself out if they aren't ready. So, I guess we will be in diapers for a while longer.

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