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Saturday, October 31, 2009

5 Little Monkey's Jumpin On The Bed...

One fell off and bumped his head! I have been waiting to use these costumes since last Halloween. They were perfect for us this year. I mean, I feel like a real zookeeper all the time, and they are like wild monkeys.
On Saturday we got dressed up and packed into the van. We made our scheduled stops and the kids did pretty good. I am looking forward to the day when we aren't in car seats anymore. That was a chore to load and unload them about 10 times. They enjoyed it this year. They figured out that people were giving them candy at each stop. So, when we had to collect it from them before we got back into the van, we had five screaming, kicking, flailing monkeys. It was great fun, let tell ya. They wanted to eat all the candy as soon as it was handed to them. Lots of candy had to be thrown away because they chewed it up while it was still in the wrapper. It was a little stressful this year, but worth it.
I am already thinking about our costumes for next year. If you have any good ideas leave me a comment!


Cassidy said...

its in vogue this year with Murray4 and Wilkinson5 lol

zarina said...

gosh..all of them so cute..lucky u.