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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Good Night Moon!

We have a little cardboard book called, "Good Night Moon." This book is loved by everyone in this house. It is the book we read a hundred times a day. They talk about it and apply it to our everyday lives. A few weeks ago they started noticing the moon. They get so excited when they see it. They even spot it in the morning when it's still in the sky.

I love how their minds are starting to work. Occasionally we are out late and when we get home everyone jumps out of the van. They go running into the driveway and search for the moon. As soon as they see it everyone is yelling and shouting, " da Moon!" They are celebrating this silly round thing in the sky. But really, they see the moon for what it was meant to be seen as. It is an amazing part of God's creation.

Peyton, our most wild and adventuresome kiddo is probably the most awe struck by the moon. He loves everything about those few minutes outside celebrating God's awesomeness. After a few seconds he looks at me with excited eyes and says, "I wanna touch it!" He begs and begs to just get one little touch. How sweet and innocent they are. These are the little things I hold onto and never want to forget. I have looked forward to this age for quite some time. The age when they can communicate what is going on in those little heads of theirs. I can't wait for all the funny conversations they have with each other. Times when I can melt into the background and listen. Times like these make the rough times worth it.

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Run Shoedawg Run said...

Kota use to love that book. I have to admit I loved reading it too!

Hey I bought 2 sets of books for the house when the kids come over. Hopefully all our schedules will get back to normal soon and they can come over.