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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Slumber Party!!

So, Thursday night the kids asked to sleep in the living room. I was quick on my feet and told them we would do it on Saturday night. That stopped any objections and got them into bed peacefully.

I momentarily forgot my "little boys and girls" aren't 3 anymore and remember things now. It wasn't long after they returned from grandma & papaw's house Peyton asked if we were going to sleep in the living room. In two seconds the blankets were drug in along with their pillow pets.

We went into the basement and did some wrestling, throwing, jumping, and lots of laughing. After a premier of The Little Mermaid, a childhood favorite of mine, we came upstairs for jammies. Rob & I hauled the trusty mattress up and the kids piled on. That was it. They haven't moved. Landon is the first and only one asleep so far. It's been a great night!


Mona Baker said...

love the pic, don't you just love that we can have slumber parties with just our own kids present, we just take the party with us wherever we go ; )

Anonymous said...

The picture is cute Emily. Desiree and I and sometimes Dana will have a movie marathon on Friday night. Dana and I started it when she was little and I'm continuing the tradition with Desiree.


Nicole said...

I love those turkeys! Even Kiki got in on the action!

Tina Michelle said...

love that picture. how super fun!