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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Have You Ever Had A Feeling...

Like something bad is going to happen? I have had that feeling the past few days. Christmas was better than I dreamed it would be. The kids are growing and I can see good things for our future. I am supposed to go to my best friend Chandra's today. The kids are coming with me and I have this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. Like something horrible is going to happen. I can't help but let my mind wander to the worst possible things like wrecking the van and no one seeing us go into a ditch. The thoughts get worse from there. It's awful. I think that all the good times we have had this past week are making me think about how blessed we are. It is also making me fear losing it all too. I'm going to hide this fear deep inside and go on the trip anyway. However, I'm making sure I am prepared for any of the situations I have ran though my head the past few days. This means I am packing like double what I would normally pack. Here is a picture of some of it.
Extra Blankets
Flash Lights
First Aid Kit
2 Pair of Gloves Each
2 Hats Each
2 Portable DVD Players
Inflatable Sleeping Bags
Camera (never leave home without it)
Etc. (I'm sure I forgot some things)

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Anonymous said...

We were so glad you came to visit. We can't wait for you to come again, so the next time you have a couple of days free pack up and head our way. I am so ready for this summer!