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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Never Ending

That is how I describe my list of things to do. Today the van had to go to the shop to get the brakes worked on. So, before I dropped the van off and got stranded at home I went by the store and bought some ammonia. Now, whoever came up with the label "Lemon Fresh" must be on something because I wore a surgical mask to keep from permanently damaging my nasal cavity. I'm sure everyone knows how awful that stuff smells. But it works! I'm so glad my mom told me not to mix bleach with it because I probably would have tried that. Wouldn't that be a great headline "Quint Mom Found Dead On Kitchen Floor From Mixing Lethal Cleaning Chemicals!"
No, the picture above is not poop. Shocking isn't it! Seems like everything these days involves poop of some kind. Anyway, I only got the open area of the kitchen done. I used almost the entire bottle. That stuff in the trash can is the stuff that came up from the floor. Now I am sweaty and annoyed. I hate feeling like I didn't get anything accomplished. I know I did, but the truth is, not a single person will notice the slave labor I put in today. So, why did I do it? I guess because I refuse to walk on the floors without shoes on. I know they are disgusting and can't stand it. Maybe because the kids had to walk on them everyday without shoes on and it was embarrassing when their feet would be black from walking on them. Yeah, I know I got a big task partially done, but I also know that now I have to find time to finish it now. It is hard because I can't do it with the kids home. I don't want them to smell that awful stuff. So, I guess my entire free day next week will be devoted to finishing the job. Lucky Me!


Metzger Mommy said...

You're funny, and you're not alone in feeling that way. It's the part of staying home I like the least. I SOOOOOO feel ya on that one!

Lani said...

I feel the same way about our floors! I can scrub for hours, and they get clean but they barely look any different, and no one has any idea how hard I just worked:)

Nicole said...

I know you like your Thursdays because you get the whole day to yourself. I work all day, but you know the kids are always welcome to come see Nicki when I get home if you need to do something, or just want a break at home. And since I'm off on Saturdays, they can come over all day so you and Rob can go out, or just relax at home. I tell you this all the time, girl! Really, I love those kids and really enjoy spending time with them, so please, don't be scared to ask--- anytime!!!!!!!!!!!