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Monday, April 6, 2009

Women of Joy...

I left Friday for Louisville, KY to attend the Women of Joy Conference. I have to admit, I wasn't very excited this year because I had been away from the kids so much the previous week while Jenna was in the hospital. I have to say, I had a blast!! I feel completely refreshed and ready to jump back into things.
Friday we got to listen to Candace Cameron Bure (DJ from Full House). She was amazing and so down to Earth. Saturday morning Lisa Hart and Shonda Pierce. That evening Casting Crowns did a concert for everyone and they were awesome. Sunday morning we were blessed to hear Karen Kingsbury speak. She is the best fiction author I have ever read. The worship leader was Charles Billingsly. He is so gifted. He has an amazing voice.
Scott and Melissa Reeves are good friends of Karen and her family. They were all staying in our hotel. Saturday night we got back to our hotel and ran into the entire group of them. Scott was walking by and he came over to talk to us. In case some of you don't know who he is, he played Ryan in The Young and the Restless. His wife Melissa played Jennifer in Days of Our Lives. I haven't ever watched those shows, but lots of the women with me had. So, we all got to talking with Scott. Like always, someone makes sure they mention that I have quintuplets. That is when I made the connection. Have any of you HOM moms out there watched Half a Dozen Babies? It is a movie that was made about the Dilley Sextuplets in Indianapolis. I have seen it a few times. The movie will be on LMN (Lifetime Movie Network) on April 10 at 9:00 CT. Scott and Melissa are the parents on that movie. The picture below is small but the best I could find.

So, they took a picture with me and signed a picture of my kids. I have to say, they are so nice and genuine. It is neat to meet people who are in the spotlight and still live for the Lord. We don't see all the amazing work they do behind the scenes for God. Scott is a huge believer in Karen Kingsbury and loves to read her books. That is unusual since most men assume they are romance novels. Maybe I will be able to get Rob to try one now.
I had an awesome weekend and am so refreshed and renewed. The kids were glad to see me too. God knows just what we need to get going again. I can't wait to go next year!


Deb said...

What a great weekend we had. I had the best roommate in the world... :) Thanks for taking pictures.

Isn't it nice to come home and see just how much your children miss you when your gone? My teen even missed me.

No matter how much fun we had over the weekend it was nice to get back home and into the routine of things. I look forward to Monday and Wednesday nights because I get to spend the evenings with 5 beautiful quints and one of my best friends. The icing on the cake last night was hearing five little voices say Debbie. I love you all.

The Farm House Kids said...

I bet it was just wonderful ... plus it's always good to have a little break and rejuvenate!

One more thing since it's your Birthday today! ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!