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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hair Cuts and Egg Hunts

We have had a fun filled Easter holiday already. Yesterday we relaxed and let the kids have their Easter baskets. We knew we would be on the go today and tomorrow. They loved what was in their baskets. The cars dancing cars and sunglasses were a hit. I took Ethan for a haircut yesterday morning and Landon went for his with Rob last night. All of Ethan's curls were clipped off. He looks like such a big boy now. Landon had his first haircut. He still doesn't have much but I think it will start to fill in now that it has been trimmed.

Today we got up early to go to Great Grandma and Papaw Tony's house for Easter. We ate breakfast and hunted eggs. It didn't take them long to figure out that the eggs had candy in them. Landon was so engrossed in finding more eggs that he wondered right into the muddy garden. We were laughing and trying to get his attention so much that all four of the others headed straight for the garden too. They loved it out there. We will have to visit more often to have some fun outside.

P.S. Lord, thank you for sending your son to come here on Earth to die on a cross for my sins. I know Easter is filled with candy and eggs and family, but you are the reason we all come together to worship you tomorrow. Your son gave the ultimate gift. We will make sure our kids grow up knowing the true meaning of Easter.


Nicole said...

I'm so glad the kids had a great Easter! I like your P.S. comment at the bottom. Some tend to forget the true meaning of Easter. I always remind my kids and it's getting more difficult to make Jarrett understand about Jesus. He still thinks Pastor Gary is Jesus!!!! I am so glad the Lord is in my life. Watching The Passion of the Christ is a great way for someone to renew themselves in Him. I can't imagine watching the torture He went through and then turn away from Him. We live in a world of people who don't even know Him, and that is so sad. You and Rob are great Parents Emily!!!!!!

Lani said...

Your kiddos are adorable- I love your header photo!
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