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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, March 28, 2009


First of all...CONGRATULATIONS PRINCETON TIGERS!!!! 29-0 and we won state tonight. Rob and I had tickets to go today. Instead we partied it up in the hospital room. It worked out because we didn't get the channel at home that it was broadcast on. We watched the entire thing while a big storm passed through.

Great news! We did more blood work today and her platelets are starting to come up finally. I am so glad for that. They also decided to catheter her to get another urine sample. It has come back clear so far. If everything looks good in the morning blood work we may be able to come home tomorrow. I REALLY want to come home! Jenna does too. She is tired of the IV and being confined to the room. We don't know everything yet, but I think the combination of a kidney infection and virus took it out of her. She still has a rash all over and we are controlling it with Benadryl. The poor girl. Neither of us have slept much since Wednesday. She hit her limit this afternoon and gave it up. She has been knocked out since about 5:00pm. I mean, out cold. The nurses did her vitals and I put her down for the game. She didn't move. Hopefully it will last through the entire night.
Hopefully my next update will be from home. Oh yeah, the other kids are all sick. Not like Jenna, but they are all receiving Pink Eye drops. We don't know if that is what it is or a virus. Syd ran a fever yesterday but is doing better. They all have snotty noses and are coughing. Hopefully we can go home and start getting healthy again.

Thanks to everyone who have been praying for us. God is taking care of us.


Nicole said...

I'm so glad Jenna is getting better. I hate that you guys missed the game- it was awesome!- but sounds like you, Rob, Bob, and Esther were going nuts in the hospital room anyway! I almost decided at 8am that morning not to go because i just felt guilty leaving the other 4 kids, even though you had people lined up to care for them. You guys can always depend on me Em. I love you and Rob and your precious kids. I will keep praying that Jenna continues to improve and that all this sickness finally lifts from your household and these kids can enjoy this spring and summer and all the fun playing outside. They deserve it and so do you!!!!!!!

Kali, Jeremy, & Crystal said...

Glad to hear Jenna is doing better. Also...glad to hear that ya'll got to watch the was sooo INTENSE in the last few minutes! Hope ya'll get to come home soon...I bet the kids miss their sister!

:-) Kali