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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fun at the Park!

I'm back! Things have been crazy around here since we turned 2. We are trying to change some things up and give the kids more running room in the house. It seems to be getting harder again, but the kids are really getting big. They could climb over all the gates so we took them down. That means that the TV was a free-for-all. That is still a battle. I am forced to be in the living room at all times now. Hopefully they will start listening and remembering soon.
The weather has been absolutely perfect lately. I am so glad we are finally getting into Spring. We have been to the Kiddie Park a few times and they love it! I am so glad they can walk. Last year we went there and the pea gravel was too hard for them to walk in. Now they can climb up all the equipment and slide down all by themselves. They know how to have fun!! I do have to watch Peyton. He is up the big slide in no time flat. That boy isn't afraid of anything...except dogs.
Now, for an update on the kiddos and Jenna. Everyone is doing great. Ethan is a whopping 28 pounds. Landon and Sydney are around 22 pounds and Peyton is at 21 pounds. They are skinny and we are working on getting a supplement to help with their caloric intake. They have always been finicky eaters and we have to work on that. Jenna however is at 19 pounds. Dr. Goldman is really wanting to look into a feeding tube. I am not as comfortable with that at this point. Rob is ready to do whatever it takes to help her grow. Right now, Dawn, our Physical Therapist, is talking with a gastro doctor with Riley's to see what we could do. I won't go into all the details, but we want to check into hormonal deficiency's and some other stuff. Basically, if Jenna doesn't eat because she doesn't feel hungry, a feeding tube will help her gain weight, but it won't fix the problem. I am wanting to look into what is the reasoning a little further before we jump to the feeding tube. This is going to be a slow process, but I feel better about everything.


Jenny said...

HOW fun!!:) they are getting SO big! crazy! i'll keep you in our prayers with the decisions about the feeding tube etc. Looking forward to seeing you this weekend at the sale!

Jenny B

Amy said...

i dont really know anything about low weight kids other that what i've heard from online friends but i know my 16 month old LOVES chocolate milkshakes and if you make it with whole milk and ice cream (and from what i've read online, some instant breakfast powder) that might be a good way to boost her intake. my 16month old isnt a huge fan of cows milk (b/c hes still so hooked on the boob) but he loves chocolate milkshakes. anyway, just my 2 cents, i'll say a prayer for some weight gain.

Kali, Jeremy, & Crystal said...

Looks like they had a me next time ya'll decide to go and Crystal & I will come in there. Glad to hear that the kids are all doing good...and maybe Jenna will snap out of being a picky eater. I hope things get figured out for ya :-)