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Friday, September 5, 2008

Play Date...

(Sam, Landon, Sydney, Meg, Peyton, Jenna, Ethan, Jay)

Tonight was a very eventful night. Tanya Siekman came over with her triplets. They are 4 years old and very cute. Before they got into my house two of them had peed in my driveway. They went straight to the bathroom and went again, and again, and again, and again. I can't wait until mine get that big and I am doing that 5x. It took Sam, Jay, and Meg a while to warm up to the kids. It was so funny to see. Her kids and my kids just ignored each other. They played around each other and didn't mingle. Eventually Meg became my "babysitter." She helped keep the kids in line on the couch. Tanya's kids are so funny. They say all kinds of stuff, and are really smart. She brought my pictures to me. Anyone who comes over will get to see my wall revamped. I am going to get different frames before I hang the individual pictures.

I am so proud of these two pictures. You can tell we are the moms of HOM (higher order multiples). Not even the best photographer (except Tanya) could get 8 kids to pose like that. Moms are amazing gifted people. We can do anything we want if we really set our minds to it. The funny thing is that it was a piece of cake getting them to pose like that. Isn't that neat!
I didn't think about it before we took the pictures, but I was not prepared to be in a picture. Oh well, this is one of those times where I can say, "I have quintuplets" and that is good enough. It is really sad. On Wednesday I got up early to get myself ready to take the kids to the doctor. The kids were a mess the entire morning. I never get ready unless I am going somewhere. The kids thought I was leaving them and were clinging to me like leaches all morning. They whined and cried and it was awful. That is sad when your 18 month kids can tell when you are leaving just because you got dressed and did your hair. Anyway, I am beat. Goodnight!


The FarmHouse Triplets said...

HaHa! I knew you'd beat me to the post ... It was fun though wasn't it?

My kids told their Dad all about it and all about your babies. Meg said, "I looovvvvvved Peyton. I was his babysitter and he sat on my lap." She was so proud.

Then of course, we all had to go pee again and again and again ... and finally they're in bed.

Somedays I think diapes were the way to go!


Arnold Quads said...

I just found your blog. Too Cute! I had quadruplets in April of 2007! It looks like you guys have everything under control. Love the pics. LOL

maureen fellow MOM