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Monday, September 22, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

Well, we have been in survival mode for the past week. Peyton started with the sniffles last Tuesday and it has been all down hill since then. When one gets it they all do. I took him and Jenna to the doctor on Friday since they were the worst. Peyton had a bad double ear infection and Jenna was okay. They just has a virus that had to run its course. By Saturday evening Ethan was doing really bad. I took his temperature at about 5:00pm and it was 101.8. That was with Tylenol at 3:30. By 7:00pm his temp was at 104.0. I called the after hours clinic and of course they were closed. The nurse told me to keep giving him Tylenol and bring him in within 24 hours. Well, Rob and I were planning on going to Indy in the morning. So, we opted to take him in to the Emergency Room and get him checked out. They did the dreaded rectal temp. and it was 104.7. They found a really bad throat infection and conjunctivitis (pink eye). The poor guy, he was really sick. So, after a shot of antibiotics, some eye drops, and three prescriptions, we headed home. His fever came down and he was out like a light.
Since I knew he had medicine in him and his fever was down I decided to still plan on going to Indy. We were going to visit the Chan's and go to the Colts game. We had the van loaded down with lots of great things to pass on to their kids. The famous table made the trip too. It was sad to see it go, but we are glad it is going to be used by people who really need it. We were really bummed that we couldn't see the Chan babies. It always seems like something has to happen when we are really excited about something. I talked to the pediatrician and the nurse at the emergency room. They both said if we didn't have symptoms of being sick that we would be okay to see the kids. After we found out about the pink eye we opted not to risk it. We did go in the living room and look from a distance at their beautiful babies. We will be going back to take a closer look one of these days. We unloaded the van and headed downtown for a nice lunch with Paula and Jamson. It was neat to talk to people who have such similar lives. They are doing a great job with their little ones.
After lunch Rob and I headed to Lucas Oil Stadium. Last Christmas my side of the family went together and got us a brick to be displayed at the new stadium. We found it and took some pictures. That will be neat to bring the kids some day to see. Unfortunately, we didn't win. It was kind of a bad game to watch. We love the Colts, but yesterday wasn't their day. All in all, we had a great day and are glad we went.

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Anonymous said...

So you two are big colts fans. Too cute! Sounds like you had a nice trip there to Indy. We take the kids there to the Children's Museum all the time. It is GREAT!! Good to hear that the table is being passed on to someone in need. You are great to help out another famiy who have been blessed with multiples. Keep up the great work. Next time your in Indy give me a hauler. Have you ever ate at the Cheesecake Factory? There is one in Indy and it is yummy! Maybe we will have to get together and eat their sometime. That resturant is my weakness, HA! Have a great day!