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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, August 18, 2008


Our lives are very crazy. Who would have thought that? Anyway, we always have just put whatever bib was closest on the kids. That meant that the boys got girl bibs sometimes and the girls got boy bibs sometimes. The other day Rob had Landon in his chair for lunch and put a bib on him. For the first time, it seemed funny that we did that to him. I guess they are getting to big for the wrong bibs. At least it is great blackmail for later on.

I spent an entire day trying to hunt this little guy down in the living room. I couldn't believe it when I saw him scampering across the floor. My first attempt failed. I was chasing him around like I was going to just pick him up with my hands. No way! Once I had him cornered I didn't have anything to get him with. I saw him a few times later in the day. Luckily the kids never saw him or caught him. After the kids went to bed I found him again. This time I was ready. Cute little guy. I hope he found his way home.

Yesterday we had a kids day after church. They had inflatables and grilled out. So, trying to create more memories, we hauled their highchairs and everything we would need to make it through. The kids did great. Here is a video of them in the inflatable. Ethan, Sydney, and Peyton really got into it. Landon wasn't too impressed, and Jenna liked crawling around in there. They did great considering their nap was postponed for about an hour. Ethan was asleep before we got home.

I forgot to mention what happened before church yesterday. If you all liked my previous post This Week In A Nutshell you will love this. Ethan was too hungry to wait for breakfast. He had his meal early. I had to cut his shirt off of him because the poop was everywhere. Everything he was wearing went into the trash. Things never get boring around here.

So, I posted the above pictures earlier today. I was in the boys room later this afternoon sitting in the glider. I got to looking and saw something next to the wall by Ethan's bed. As I got closer I saw it. It looks like a cat pooped on the floor. We don't have a cat!! Somehow he pooped out of his bed. The weird thing is that everything came out of the top of his diaper. It looks like someone poured the poop out of the bed. Nothing was on his bed like that. I have no idea how he did it. But it was now about 36 hours old and hard. It took a scotch brite sponge and lots of Resolve to clean this mess up. They amaze me everyday. If it isn't one thing it's another.


The FarmHouse Triplets said...

This is even funnier reading it, more than when you told me on the phone last night.

I keep telling you girl ... straight jackets turned backwards and zipped up the back. Totally eliminates the poop parties.



Stacey said...

So you had a lizard story this week too! Come see our story on our blog and ours was no baby. I don't think there was much you could have done with that blow out.

Anonymous said...

That is way too funny but in the moment I bet it wasn't so comical. I remember the days when I would start heading up the stairs smelling an odor and finding out that durning naptime the girls took off diapers and painted on their bedrrom walls with poop. Gross! I look back now and think to myself how funny that time was even though I hated it in the moment. These times will make memories for years to come. Have a great day!