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Thursday, August 21, 2008

An Evening To Remember!

Tonight was the best evening I have had in a very long time. My mom had the kids today and I got to spend some time with another MOM in Evansville. When I went to pick the kids up they were ready to go. When we got home I took them straight from the van to their stroller. I was trying to keep the evening somewhat stress free. Plus, Rob did lots of cleaning today and I wanted it to last until tomorrow at least. So, we went on a long walk. They love walks. I got back to the house about 6:30 and got them settled. I got things unloaded and put away for a few minutes while they got reacquainted with the living room. It's amazing how happy they are to come home from being away for a day. About 6:45 I went in there and sat on the floor for a few minutes. It wasn't long and Landon was coming to me with his silky and begging to cuddle. I never let him down in that area. He is my only cuddler therefore, I take every opportunity I can get. He was exhausted. He was really ready to go to sleep so I put him in bed at 7:10. He is our only kid who genuinely loves sleeping. He runs to his bed at nap and bed time. After I got him settled I went out to play with the others. Peyton was in the goofiest mood I have ever seen. I was sitting on the floor against the couch. He was running from me to the gate at the TV and back again. I would catch him in my arms and kiss him and he couldn't control his laughter. In between trips Syd would fling herself backwards for me to catch her and flip her over. Ethan was taking his turn running into my arms and Jenna was playing quitely by herself on the riding toys. I was giving out all the kisses I could before they took off. Peyton has figured out how to kiss (kind of). He had his mouth open and I would push my cheek up to his mouth. He would crack up! I started turning my head back and forth so he was kissing both cheeks. He was laughing so hard! He then noticed that it was even more fun to stick his tongue out while I was turning my face back and forth. Before I was a mom I never thought I would enjoy being licked by my kids. It was so funny. Gross, but funny. They all went to bed happy and exhausted. Tonight was a snapshot of what I always wanted my life to be like (unfortunately Rob was at work). No one was fighting, crying, sick or hungry. Everyone was happy and I was their favorite person in the whole world.


Deb said...

Hey Em, you just wait there are more of those evenings to come!!!! As they get older and more able to express themselves you won't have as much crying.

Of course I'll keep you in my prayers as by then they'll be into the arguing!! I suspect you might be pretty good at tuning that part out when the times comes. If not let me know, I'm the master of nodding and shaking my head with a smile on my face. The only problem a few times I have nodded in affirmation when I should have been saying NO.

Nicole said...

What an awesome story Em! We get so tangled up in our everyday lives that we forget to sit back and enjoy the little stuff. You'll find that little kids can be more satisfied with your time than with any toy! Your story reminds me of the Trace Adkins song, 'Your Gonna Miss This'. Sometimes you think you can't wait till they get a little older and overcome their next milestone, but always remember to slow down, because you will miss it when it's gone! Love you guys.

Stacey said...

Oh Emily isn't life great! I love these times with my littles. I agree with the song by Trace Adkins. This has been one of my favorites since it was released.

Tina T said...

Oh Em, this one brought tears to my eyes! I enjoy keeping up with the kids through your site. You & Rob are doing a great job with the kids; good parenting requires a lot of work. Moments and evenings like that are cherished rewards. So glad you are documenting some of them and sharing with us.