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Monday, August 25, 2008

Learning To Color

We are trying to really start teaching them new things. We have been pushing new words everyday. Ethan loves to talk. He will repeat anything we say. Peyton is trying to repeat what we say. Sydney has her own language. It is so funny. We will say something like "ball". She will come back and say something that isn't even close to that. She has whole conversations with herself and the other kids. She knows what she is saying too. Landon does a little mimicking. He gets the basics. Jenna won't say a word. That girl will watch your mouth so closely, but won't utter a sound. When she is doing her own thing she will chatter away, but she isn't saying words at all.
We sat them at their table the other day. I got the crayons and paper out. That lasted about 5 minutes. At least we tried. They want to eat the crayons. Peyton picks up on coloring very quickly. It is neat to see how each of the kids learn. Ethan can say anything, but still can't figure out how to climb on the couch. Peyton can figure out how to do something on the first try, but doesn't talk much. Sydney is the copycat. She follows the others around watching them play with a toy then takes it from them so she can do what they were doing. She doesn't know how to pick a toy up and use her imagination to play with it. Landon is a mixture of Peyton and Jenna. He is somewhat involved, but not too much. Jenna is our stubborn one. I hope this isn't foreshadowing to the future. She won't do anything we want her to do. It is like she knows she is being stubborn. She just looks at us with her big brown eyes and goes on about her business.
This is a piece of chalk. It was sitting on top of their house they play in. I think it got knocked off one day. I found pieces of chalk throughout the living room one day. I also found pieces in Jenna and Landon's mouths. Landon will eat anything. We were at grandpa Bob and grandma Esther's a month or so ago. Landon had something green in his mouth and I thought it was part of a green bean. They were canning that day. Later we found a cucumber with a big chunk out of it. He had taken a bite. Saturday, they got baths and the boys snuck back into the bathroom. We have to pull the door shut really tight or it won't latch. It was a good 10 minutes before I realized they were missing. I went into the bathroom and they had taken everything out from the drawers and under the sink. Landon had taken a bite out of a new bar of soap with the paper still on it. I guess he liked it because he didn't complain. Oh well, just another day in the life of the Wright Quintuplets!


Anonymous said...

I seem to remember a stubborn little girl learning to ride her bike at Gram & Paps house and getting so made that she screamed and kicked at the bike while we were all watching from the window laughing. She eventually taught herself how to ride that bike without any help. So maybe Jenna's taking after her mama...and she didn't turn out to bad. And HA HA Kate, I beat you this time! Aunt J.

Stacey said...

Well, I don't have any that just takes random bites out of things but all my kids love cucumbers and crayons!