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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Super Mom!

On any normal day I am constantly doing something. I have to make breakfast, change diapers, and get their cups ready first thing in the morning. For lunch I have to make their lunch, and change diapers for nap time. After they get up from their nap I have to get diapers changed and cups out again. Dinner is prepared and we do baths and get milk cups before bed. Diapers must be changed again before bedtime. I'm not mentioning the times they poop out of their clothes and the table that has to be cleaned off. The dishwasher needs to be ran and the floor swept. Toilets need cleaned and trash needs emptied. The list goes on and on. I try to give myself a little free time while they are napping to keep my sanity. So, what I am trying to say is that I can't keep up very well. My house is always messy and dirty. It smells like a dirty diaper and is filled with dirty laundry. I have learned to accept this fact about our lives right now.
However, the kids have had diarrhea and vomiting 4 times in the past 2 months. They aren't acting sick, but aren't getting over the diarrhea. I have to try to kill whatever is growing in my house that is adding to the sickness. So, tonight I dug out my super mom cape and gloves. I rented a Rug Doctor. After the kids went to bed I shampooed the carpet in the living room. Next I tackled the kitchen area. It is pretty well disinfected. The sinks are bleached and dishes done. Then I moved to the dining room. The floors are swept in there and the highchairs are cleaned. The table is scrubbed and new newspaper is down.

Tomorrow the kids are going to my moms. My list of things to get done are:
-Mop the kitchen floor
-Organize the junk bar
-Hang coat hooks on the wall
-Move furniture back into the living room
-Bleach and disinfect all toys
-Strip sheets off all beds
-Disinfect all cribs and mattresses
-Clean and disinfect the refrigerator
-Organize toys into tubs
-Clean both bathrooms
-Shampoo the hallway and boys room
-Put clothes away in the girls room
-Organize the girls room so it can be used for play
-Fold and put away laundry
-Shower and run to the store for a few last minute things
-Cook a pork loin for BBQ

I'm sure I forgot a few things. A mom's work is never done. Hopefully all my efforts will pay off by ending this horrible string on diarrhea. I'm hanging my cape up for the night and going to bed. Good Night!


Anonymous said...

WOW! you are AMAZING! Seriously, i'm exhausted just from reading that. Way to go and I know it'll pay off for you. I hope you're getting lots of rest each night that you go to bed :)

Anonymous said...

That's a pretty long list...but it's amazing what you can get done without a kid in the house!! I feel like I get more done when Crystal goes down for her nap than I do for the entire day!! Oh well...they are only little once. Hope to see ya'll soon!!! Oh..are you doing anything for the birthday????

:-) Kali

MaRia said...

Add a little QUIET, REST, SIT time for YOU to your list. If only a few minutes, enjoy the quiet in your house for a minute--even among the messes!

Joanna said...

Emily, there is no doubt in anyone's mind that you are supermom.

Annie said...

Definitely we work a lot at the house.

The Farm House Kids said...

When you get finished .. will you please come help a friend? :)

I couldn't help but notice all the little cow tails lined up in the laundry room. That made me smile!

The Farm House Kids said...

One more thing ... the pictures make your house look worse than it really is ... you do a terrific job to have five littles running around. I've been there and it's not that bad!

Nicole said...

Em, you do a wonderful job providing a safe and clean environment for your kids to roam in. No one should expect a house with "5" almost 2 year olds to be perfectly maintained and your house looks a lot better than some houses I've seen with NO KIDS AT ALL! You are an awesome Mom in every way and should give yourself a little credit for all that you do!!

Stacey said...

Well Em, I sure hope this helps you get rid of the crud...I also noticed the "cow tails." While i am at work this weekend Donnie was shampooing carpet during nap not due to the crud but due to our fur-baby I presume feeling neglected and pulling bbq packets from the trash on the first of three trips throught the trash this week. I am sure your house can not be that bad but I also feel like my in a nasty dirty also. Hope to see ya Tuesday.