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Sunday, June 8, 2008

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream!!

We spent the evening outside the other day. When we came in for dinner the kids were filthy. I decided that they should have some ice cream. They loved it!!! By the end, Landon was a mess. It was a lot of fun watching them each figure out how they wanted to eat it. Sydney got a hold of it and pulled a handful off. She shoved all of it in her mouth and about 5 seconds later she started to cry. Poor thing had a brain freeze. After that mess I decided to give them each a private bath. That hasn't happened since they were really little. Now-a-days, we have to put 2 or 3 in at the same time. They were too sticky and dirty to share the water. I took before and after pictures. That was a fun day. Those are the days I love.


Anonymous said...

I miss my babies!!!! I loved to see the updates...keep them coming in all your spare time :)

I love you guys!


Anonymous said...

Syd looks sooooo proud of her mess!!! Did they go on a sugar high after eating?? You'll have to try giving them those flavored icey pops...Crystal loves them!!!

:-) Kali