Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lunch Time

Lunch is a very exciting time in our house as you can see. It is where the kids really get silly and enjoy each other. They talk and play and steal food. For the most part they love it. I open the gate and say "come on" and they crawl as fast as they can to the table. Usually someone gets squeezed out or trampled, but in the end everyone makes it to the table in one piece. Landon is the first one to fall asleep at the table. Poor guy, he missed his nap that morning and just couldn't push through the entire meal. He ate all his food, but I went into the kitchen to get a rag and when I got back he was asleep. It happened that fast. He did try to wake up, but in the end he couldn't wait until nap time. I left him until last to wipe off and get down. I cleaned him up, forced his mouth open to take his bottle, and changed his diaper, and he didn't wake up at all. He was one worn out pup. It was so cute though. Those are the moments that stick out that are the most precious. Oh yeah, Syd took her first steps today. She is more stable than Ethan, but enjoys the free fall into our arms at the end. They are getting so big.


April Hale said...

Wow Em, they are so big and adorable! I need to come and visit you! I hope you are doing great!

April Hale

The Dairy Wife said...

Those are beautiful shots!

How did you get the pictures arranged like that? I love it.

Did you set it like small images and keep adding one at a time or could you drag them in that order?

... and you thought I was the Queen of Blog? ha ~

Want me to use any of these pictures for a header for you?

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of Peyton where he is pointing. It looks like he is about is talking about something.