Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, March 3, 2008

Birthday Party!

I finally have time to update. Things have been very busy lately. We had a great party. Lots of people and lots of cake. The kids did great. They weren't fussy of overwhelmed at all. The neat part was that they knew almost everyone there. There were about 150 family and friends. They got lots of cool stuff from everyone. I am so glad it is over.

The weather has been really nice the last few days. We took the kids out yesterday for just a little bit. They didn't know what to think of the grass. Ethan cried when he touched it. Peyton kept on trying to touch it and shivering. Landon tested it out a few times then crawled out on it. Syd wasn't too sure either. Jenna of course didn't like anything about being outside. Hopefully she will get over that because I am ready to get out of the house.


Anonymous said...

Em- I love this video... I wish I could have seen the kids on their birthday. Where did you have the party? It must have been packed. I miss you and Rob. I love the pics! They are getting too big!!! Chandra

Burkett Quad Squad said...

I've been keeping up with your family since i found your blog. We have quads that are 7 mos and i'm DYING to get outside too! Maybe when it does start warming up more we can get the kids out together--that is if you're in the Evansville area sometime. I'd love to meet you and your babies:) anyway from one very PALE skinned cabin feverish multiple mom to another...your in my prayers:)