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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

First Steps!

It finally happened. Yesterday Ethan took his first steps. He is so big. It was funny, he took two steps for me but Ethan wouldn't even stand up for Rob. Ethan wanted me, so he kept twisting his body to get to me. Finally he stepped to Rob. It is so exciting. He just did it out of the blue. Sydney will be next. Ethan wouldn't do it for me this morning. Hopefully he will keep trying. They are so funny. It is so neat to sit in a chair unnoticed and just watch them interact with each other. They are really very comical. Here is a video of him walking.


The Dairy Wife said...

Yay Ethan! I'm sitting here clapping for you!

What a big big boy you are!

The Murray Crew said...

SOOOO Exciting! Thanks so much for sharing this awesome milestone moment with us. It's soooo neat to see our kids doing the same things almost back to back....
Blessings from the Murray Quad Crew!

Anonymous said... exciting!!!!!! You'll have a sooooo much fun when they all start walking!!!! look really good too!!!! Hope to see you & the kids soon!!!

:-) Kali

BoufMom9 said...

Yeah! How exciting! One of mine just started to walk recently and it's so cute to watch.
Look out! In only a matter of time they will be running in opposite directions. LOL

Anonymous said...

That is awesome! It is amazing how far they have come in a year! I am so excited for you, Rob, and Ethan:) I really need to get over to your house to see you guys. Miss you a ton!