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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Feedings, Feedings, and More Feedings!

The shifts have officially started. We still only have three home. Landon is doing great. He had surgery on Memorial Day for an umbilical hernia. They never had seen one that big. I am glad they fixed it. I will post some pictures of it later. Jenna was doing great and ready to come home on Memorial Day, but she started having high blood pressure. They are running some tests to see if they can find anything going on. Hopefully she will get over this hurdle so she can come home. Landon is almost off of all oxygen. Once he does that he can come home. I am ready for them to be home because they don't know who their mommy or daddy is. I haven't been able to post anything new because I washed my SD card to my camera and couldn't take any new pictures. I will have to get down to the hospital and take some new pictures of Jenna and Landon. This morning I called and checked on them. Landon weighed 6lbs. 12oz. Jenna was 5lbs. 8oz. Yesterday at the doc. office Peyton weighed 6lbs. 4oz. A week ago Sydney was 6lbs. and Ethan was 7lbs. They are getting so big! The pictures to the right are of my night shift crew for Tuesday nights. They did great! Thanks to everyone for helping me out. I couldn't do it without you!!!


sixymomma said...

Hi Emily!!! This brings back such flooding memories!!!!!! I wish I could be there to help with the 'shifts'-- amazing, but I do miss it!!!!! If it weren't for my six three year olds (and two six year olds!) I would come and join your crew, do your laundry and let you take a nap!!!!! :)
Take care! I soooo wish I could help!!!! You are doing a great job! Keep up the great work! Kate Gosselin

Mel Donnell said...

What in the world! I'm in my p.j.s for goodness sake! Pay back sister-in-law, your days a coming! I love you,Rob and those beautiful babies. I'm there for ya, and loving every minute of it.