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Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Amazing Trio!

We finally got Sydney home on Wednesday. I was so ready to get a girl home. She already has her daddy wrapped around her little finger. It is so neat to see the difference between the boys and her. She doesn't cry ever. We can change her diaper, clothes, or even give her a bath and she just lays there. Last night when we put her in bed rob said, "She's so cut I just want to gobble her up." He is such a good daddy. We put all three together for some pictures and the two boys hated it. Sydney just sat there. She is so funny. The first two nights were TERRIBLE!!! Ethan and Peyton regressed back to whining at night. We had them somewhat trained before she came home. Her first night here we had to try to get her on the boys schedule. Finally, last night we got them settled and in bed around 11:00. They slept till about 4:00am and we fed them then they slept till 8:00am. That was the best they had done since before Sydney was home. I didn't think that three would be that different from two, but I was wrong. It has become the hardest thing I have ever done. They seem to be falling into place and smoothing out. They did great last night and hopefully they will continue down that path. They are just so cute! I always thought people were weird who took millions of pictures of their kids, but we have so many pictures that look exactly alike because we just take one right after another. They are very good babies. During the day they just sleep, eat, and poop. They don't cry or whine at all. Ethan has terrible smelling gas. The others are gassy like him, but you don't smell it. He clears a room. We walk into the nursery at night and it about knocks us over. He is already on a special formula to help that, but I'm not seeing a change yet. At least he doesn't fuss with the gas.

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Kevin said...

They all look so much alike! I'm glad they're doing well!