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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, April 13, 2007

Feeding Frenzy

Yesterday we got to geed all five of them. They did so well. Ethan is getting tired. He is eating the most and trying to keep his temp up. Peyton sucked his bottle down for Daddy in 10 min. He really liked it. Landon and Jenna do pretty good with it when they want. Sydney hasn't quite gotten the hang of what to do with it. She doesn't like to keep her tongue under the nipple. She is pretty slow at feeding time. Jenna is the one who doesn't like to burp. I couldn't get Landon to concentrate on eating yesterday because he was trying to fill his diaper. He hasn't gotten the hang of doing two things at once. All in all they are doing great. Ethan has his discharge papers at his cradle. I think it will still be another week. We will see. Peyton is up front with brother. He is breathing on his own finally. He was the straggler and he jumped past everyone else and is up there with Ethan now. I called on their weights last night and they are HUGE!!! Ethan is 4lbs 13oz, Peyton is 3lbs 9.4oz, Landon is 4lbs .1oz, Jenna is 3lbs 8.4oz, and Sydney is 3lbs 15.9oz. Isn't that amazing! God is fattening our little babies right up. Pretty soon we will have them all home and I can't even imagine how we will manage feeding five babies at one time. They are all filling out and starting to get some baby fat on them. They are so adorable!!!!!







Tan said...

Amazing and beautiful babies! The best is yet to come ... and probably soon! They don't even look the same anymore, and their weights are truly wonderful! You'll the "five little piggies" home before you know it!


Lonie said...

Rob looks like a pro at feeding the babies, I am still looking for the baby baluga song that i promised you, you know what i mean rob. My thoughts and prayers are with you two and the babies of course. Love in Jesus Christ name Lonie