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Monday, July 20, 2009

Vacation #2

Late yesterday morning the kids and I loaded up and headed for Rising Sun, IN. Before the trip began I was filled with emotions. Excitement to see my best friend again, fear for what could unfold, dreading the drive, worry for the kids safety during all the days events, hopeful for all the new things we were going to experience, and terrified of how to get the kids to sleep without beds. I have been packing and preparing for a trip that has potential to be a huge success. However, it has just as much potential to be a disaster. So, hold onto your hats everyone, I am bringing you along for the ride.

So, as you can see, the trip was less than smooth. We are all here and safe. The first part of the drive was a little stressful. We strategically place the kids in the van for long trips. Ethan has to sit in the front because he can't keep his hands to himself. Landon has to sit in front because the other kids take his blankies and he SCREAMS. Jenna has to sit in the middle because Syd and Peyton get a little too wild and usually start biting each others toes until one chomps down too hard. Sydney has started taking her seat belt off. Before we left I duck taped the top strap. You can see in the video that it didn't stop her long. She just pushed it down and pulled her arms out. I am going to buy some buttons and sew them on the straps so the plastic thing won't slide down.

You all saw the horrendous traffic backed up for miles. We went a total of 7 miles in 1 hr 10 min. It was awful. Thank God for Veggie Tales. The kids did wonderful. I, on the other hand, didn't do so well. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't use public bathroom unless it is an emergency. I haven't ever been a person who has to go often. Usually when I wake up and maybe in the evening and before bed. Well, as our trip went from a 3 hour drive to 5, the two McDonald's large sweet teas started getting to me. After the traffic jam I was about 45 minutes from Chandra's house. I thought I could make it. We were about 20 minutes away when I was so nauseous i couldn't stand it anymore. Every bump was like having Ethan jump on my bladder. I had reached my breaking point. I found a road out in the middle of no where. I was too scared that someone would drive up or see me. So, I pushed the drivers seat back as far as it would do and pushed the steering wheel up. After laying baby wipes out everywhere so I didn't make a mess, I filled that McDonald's cup. Yep, the entire thing. I was petrified of being spotted and a nice passerby stopping to see if I needed any help. Thank you Lord for keeping me hidden.

We finally made it! Everything has been smooth sailing since then. The kids were really tired and went to sleep really fast. Unfortunately, the sun came up directly in the double sliding glass door. So, at 5:30 our time all three boys were bright eyed and bushy tailed. The girls followed soon there after because Ethan thought it was time for them to be up. Well, I will try to let you know how the day goes.


Metzger Mommy said...

Hilarious!!!! Guess you give up the luxury of going into a public restroom when you're traveling with kids. Hope you have a great time and it's worth the trip!

The Farm House Kids said...

I can just see it now .... YOU, squatting in the McDonalds' bathroom with all five kids lined up against the wall and you yelling, "Hands in the air, Don't touch!" (just like I do)

I would have done it your way ... in a cup!

Love the video by the way and I'm glad you didn't get negative comments. You're a great Mom with a lot to deal with, five little "deal withs" .. but it will get better, and someday as hard as it is to believe, you just might wish they were little again. Maybe.

Anonymous said...

You can turn the top buckle on the carseat around backwards (rethreading the seatbelt) and that will make it harder for the kids to open it :)