Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Sunday, December 28, 2008

4 Days until the BIG Reveal!!!


Anonymous said...

your killing me here,i don't think i can't wait 4 more days,can't ya give a hint..or two???

Amy said...

such a tease :) just for the record i dont really think you're pregnant with BG twins

Anonymous said...

I'm taking another guess that it has something to do w/your bracelets...can't wait to find out though!!!

:-) Kali

Nicole said...

I can't believe you are so cruel Em.....!!!!

Melissa said...

I came across your blog through another one and just started reading where you said you were going to Rising Sun! Is that Rising Sun, IN?? I am in Indiana and actually have an funny story about Rising Sun!!!

Moni Graf said...

Can't wait to hear the BIG news!

You have a wonderful blog and I really enjoyed catching up on your "Journey" series. You are a captivating writer...I'm sure it helps that you also have a captivating story to tell!

Hope your holidays got better! I opted to forgo the Christmas Tree this year....I wasn't even brave enough to ATTEMPT it! Hope your New Year brings you even more peace and joy!

Love from KS,
Moni and the Graf Quads