Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Sunday, November 25, 2007


We made it through our first Thanksgiving as a family. It was great. Since the kids can't get out we spent the day at home. We cooked in the afternoon and ate at around 6:00pm. My sister and her husband from Kansas City, MO was home and they got to see the kids too. Little sis Jacie, Big sis Mandy, Little sis Katie

We had a good time cooking and goofing around. We decided we aren't going to keep our close family away for the holidays, so we broke the no kid rule for the weekend. Lee was so excited to get to see the kids. He hasn't seen them since before school started. That is him with me and Jacie below.
My grandma and pappaw came by and continued the tradition we have been doing forever. She got all the kids ornaments. It was so fun to see how they would react to the presents. They like them. Mostly, they wanted to eat the paper and bow.

Jenna decided to take an extra long nap that day and wasn't up when everyone else got to open their ornaments. We decided to wake her up so gram and pap could see her open her gift. These pictures give you a glimpse of the funny goofy faces she makes all the time. She is so funny to watch. Jenna is always making faces and being dramatic.

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