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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Well, things have been getting crazy around here. God is certainly taking care of us. I left yesterday with Landon and my mom to take him to St. Louis to a plastic surgeon. We were there for one hour and we were on our way home. Everything went smooth. Rob and I will be going to take him back on Wednesday for surgery. The surgeon said we can have it taken off no problem. He said it won't hurt nearly as bad right after the surgery as it does right now. Landon will finally not hurt anymore. Jenna woke up yesterday in a funny mood. She was making this face like a turtle. It was so cute. This is a picture similar to what she was doing. Ethan and Syd love their baby food still. They do so good most of the time. Landon has officially crawled. He can't sit up because his butt hurts too much. So, he gets up on his knees and is crawling somewhat. He sometimes forgets to move his hands and falls on his face. It is so cute. Ethan has started to purposefully say Ga Ga Ga. Peyton knows how to play Pat-A-Cake. He is stubborn and won't do it very often. He usually will do it when Veggie Tales is on. They are changing so much. Everyday they are doing something new.

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Anonymous said...

We'll keep Landon in our thoughts and prayers on his surgery. Sounds like everybody else is doing good. I need to get over there sometime to see them all. Hope to maybe see ya'll @ Thanksgiving!!!

:-) Kali