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Monday, June 22, 2009

Hello from Sunny HOT Cocoa Beach, FL!! We planned a semi-spontaneous trip to Florida. About a month ago I just decided I wanted to go somewhere. Friday afternoon, after lots of unexpected tears (from me) and hours of planning and packing, we started on our way.

After a minor mishap, we finally got here Saturday afternoon. I found an awesome condo online that was right on the beach. I mailed our deposit and got the address of our place. When we finally got here we were at this big 5th floor apartment on the bay side of the island. Our immediate reaction is that we were deceived and were on the bay side and the place was horrible for what we had planned. We knocked and knocked. No answer. I called the guy 3 times. No answer. Now what? Anyone who knows Rob can imagine how he is acting now. He is extremely dramatic and the entire vacation is over at this time. Everything is ruined and I let this guy totally rip us off. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that he was already getting grouchy before we even got to the place because we like to never found the place. Even with GPS (thanks gram and pap).

So, I decided to go to the address I mailed the deposit to and hopefully we would find the guy. Luckily the other address wasn’t too far from where we were. OOPS! I accidentally got the addresses mixed up. We were at the guy’s home and he was waiting for us at the condo. Which is AWESOME!! So, all that drama was for nothing. Rob was singing my praises after we figured out that we were in fact on the ocean side and ½ a block off the beach.

Rob and I have had time to reconnect and remember how much we love each other. He has made a lasting impression. Yesterday we were in the water and Rob is continually telling me that we were too far out and too far away from other people. He is convinced we are going to be eaten by a shark. He has watched too much Discovery Channel. But I am flattered by his concern for my safety, or at least that is what I thought. Around 12:00 we were out in the water and suddenly something clamped down on my foot. It really hurt and I screamed. Then I looked around and Rob was already half way to the beach. He was going to make sure one of us made it back to the kids alive and it was going to be him. Luckily, the crab (I think) let go when I flailed about wildly. I got back to the beach and Rob was sitting in our beach chairs. I was bleeding, but it wasn’t anything too bad. He said we were lucky it wasn’t him because we wouldn’t be in Florida anymore if it had been him.

At that point I was beginning to question his unconditional love for me. I mean, he has stuck it out so far through the good, bad, and ugly. However we hadn’t been confronted with anything life threatening thus far in our marriage. I had just assumed he would be the hero and come to my rescue if ever I needed him.

I put my concerns to the back of my head and went about the day. That evening we went out to dinner at an awesome seafood place called Milliken’s. We were back at the condo and snuggled up on the couch. That is when it happened… A medium sized lizard scampered across the room in front of us. Rob was immediately freaked out and his feet weren’t about to touch the ground. My first reaction to the situation was to get the video camera out and set it up to watch us in action trying to catch the thing. I was already laughing at him. He was a little too freaked out at that time to let me get the camera out yet. So, I emptied the bubble gum bucket we had and went to the corner of the room to try and catch it. Now, it was on the wall and I didn’t want to move too suddenly and scare it away. I was about a foot away from it and ready to catch him. Unfortunately, I hesitated for a split second and he got out. He ran down the wall and to the floor by Rob. He leaped up onto the couch and yelled. I did get scared at that time and ran into the kitchen. I still laugh out loud when I think about it. Now, that isn’t all. We got back on the couch and were watching TV again when he came back for more. This time we scared him behind the big mirror on the wall. I had to get the video camera out this time. We didn’t catch him, and he is still in the house, but I promise I will do my best to get our lizard hunt on tape. Rob won’t let me shut the lights off anymore because the lizard doesn’t come out except at night. So, we may not see him anymore.

When we went to bed last night I was exhausted. I guess I started to fall asleep immediately because about 5 minutes after we laid down I screamed at the top of my lungs. I was dreaming about that stupid crab that bit me. I thought it was getting me again. I scared Rob to death. He hadn’t even started to fall asleep yet. I must have been really tired. So, I know this has been long, but we are having some crazy adventures here. I just had to share them with you. We will be heading home on Thursday and driving the entire way through. I love you babies!!! I miss you!!!

We went on a kayak tour and got to pet a manatee and see mangroves.

Rob was the steerer of the kayak. Thankfully we didn't tip.
I loved the hat our guide let me wear. At least I didn't fry in the 100+ degree weather.


The Farm House Kids said...

Hahahhaha! Sounds like you guys are having a great time!

Hey, catch that lizard and bring it back for my kids! They'd love it since we try to catch little lizards here all day!

Can't wait to hear the rest of the story ... but I imagine that Rob is going to wring your little neck for blogging all this about him.... lol.


Anonymous said...

When you were telling the story about the lizard I can just imagine Rob's reaction to the lizard. I hope you & Rob had a great time together.