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Monday, October 6, 2008

MOMS Fall Party!

Saturday morning we got up and were so glad the weather was perfect. The Mothers of Multiples group was having their annual fall party. It was at Mayse Farm Market in Evansville. I was really excited about going because the kids are finally getting old enough to enjoy things.

We immediately headed for the straw maze. That kept them confined and occupied for a really long time. Once they decided to walk and explore they were roaming everywhere through the maze. They tasted the straw and admired each others stickers. I was in charge of the camera and Rob was doing the video. Between the two of us we have plenty to look back on. After the straw maze we decided to tackle the much bigger corn maze. That was a little bit of a challenge. We took the choo-choos, which worked very well, and started down the path. I don't know if we did it right or not. We came in and left out the same entrance. I think we should have come out at a different spot we found later in the day. Oh well, we got the picture. The problem was that the kids were throwing their cups out and we wouldn't notice until we were far away from where they tossed it. I made a few jogging trips to find some cups. We had to hustle back because we didn't want to miss the hay ride.
That was a lot of fun. We were the last ones on the wagon and got to sit by our friends the Holsey's and Burketts. It was about a 10 minute ride to the pumpkin patch. We all unloaded and the kids scattered to find the perfect pumpkin. Jenna went to the first one she found and decided that it was hers. Ethan and Landon were quick to choose also. Peyton had to search the entire field to find his. Sydney didn't really care about which pumpkin she got. She was more interested in the toys that the littler kids had. In the end we picked out 7 pumpkins and loaded back into the wagon. The trip back seemed a little longer than the ride there. The kids were getting restless and hungry be then.

Once we returned to the barn we unloaded and drug them up to the mini playground made of straw. We couldn't resist letting them go down the slide. Especially since there was a mattress at the bottom to catch them. They all liked the slide, but Peyton couldn't wait to go again. Syd was right behind him in trying to figure out how to get up there too. They are so funny. Landon was amazed at the willy worm Stacey Holsey found. Poor willy worm. I was really careful to make sure Landon didn't squeeze its eyeballs out, but I'm not sure it didn't have a few broken ribs by the time he was set free.

After a few more fun trips down the slide we packed up and headed home. They were exhausted and fell asleep right away. That was a lot of fun. I highly recommend Mayse Farm Market. It is great for families!

Holsey Triplets


Debbie Sethaler said...

I'm a Mother of 21 month old triplets born January 2, 2007. I found your blog through a friend of mines blog...Tina Otten. Just thought that I would say that You have cute kids.

Anonymous said...

Very cute pictures. I wish we could get as good as you. We often forget all about the v-camera and only take pictures. Love the family shot. Cute family. God truly has blessed your life filled with cute babies.

Jenny said...

aww...great post:) the pic of us is actually a pretty good one:) we don't get many with all 6 of us in it. I have some CUTE ones of your kiddos i'll email them to you later. It was fun visiting with you guys!