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Friday, January 11, 2008

The House Of Sickness!

We have been sinking in fevers, coughing, vomiting, diarrhea, and runny noses. Wow, I guess we know why we have to limit our visitors. Something has invaded our home and doesn't want to leave. Since Christmas we have fought sickness everyday. First it was the stomach flu and now it is RSV and whatever else has infested the house. I have been to the doctor with 4 different kids at three different times this week. First Jenna had to go in for a weight check and a discussion of our options for her in the future. Thankfully she grew in length, we only have to add some supplements to her food for right now. Peyton was taken in two days later with a stuffy head and congestion. The doc. said that he has RSV, but since the kids have had their shots the virus won't be as severe. Sydney is also fighting some congestion and her and Peyton are getting breathing treatments. Ethan, the poor guy, is bearing the brunt of the sickness. He is coughing really bad and wheasing. He is congested and has a head full. He has been fighting a fever for about two days now and is really down in the dumps. He just crawls around and lays his head down in different spots. Amazingly enough, he is still his sweet and laid back self. He is on some strong medicine so he can fight it easier. The poor guy, he was really worrying me yesterday, but today he seems to be doing a little better. All of this sickness has really reinforced why we have to be so careful about who comes into our house. The bad thing is that this stuff happens and we can't prevent it all. It wasn't any one's fault for the kids getting sick, a lot of times you don't know you have it until you've already been around other people. These things just happen.

Hopefully we are over everything by the kids birthday. I can't believe they will be 1 year old in a month. It has gone by so slow, but so fast too. They kids have really taken off since Christmas. We have gone from army crawling to full blown crawling and pulling up to standing. We also are falling too. Lots of drama and fighting like always. The kids are already possessive of their things. I don't know how I will ever be able to leave them in a room alone. They are constantly hitting, crawling, and trying to bite each other. When they get top teeth to go with their bottom teeth we will be in big trouble. We have started giving them some solid food to try. They get pieces of apple and grapes in a net thing they can chew on. They are also starting to eat cereal. It has to be their idea or they gag on it. When we put pieces in their Mouthe's they gag. We have also started bringing out sippy cups at eating time too. They aren't too interested in them yet. Everyday they are doing something new. Oh yeah, Ethan weighed 21lbs yesterday. Jenna is bringing up the rear at 13lbs 8oz. The others are flirting with 17lbs.

Below are some new pictures we have taken. My camera is broken somehow and I have to send it off so they can fix it or give me a new one. That is why I haven't updated the blog as much lately and because I have been elbow deep in puke, poop, and snot. Also, we had some pictures taken for their birthday. The one of Landon is adorable.

We took over 100 pictures continuously the other night. Not a single picture had all five of them looking up. This is the best we got. They are still pretty cute.

Isn't Landon just the cutest thing. He never makes faces like this.

Peyton loves the Thomas the Train tunnel we got them for Christmas.

Here is Jenna being herself. She looks like she just got in trouble and she is pouting. I can't imagine what she will look like when she really gets into trouble.

Rob and little Rob hanging out one night.

Aunt Mandy spending quality time with the girls and Landon.

Little Jenna already has Uncle Kevin wrapped around her finger.

We have discovered a new toy. Peyton and Landon fit nicely together. Ethan gets his own basket since he is the big boy.

Peyton somehow climbed in the swing backwards. He was really enjoying himself.


Mel Donnell said...

Wow! Those are some cute babies........That was Landon! I can't believe it. You guys are doing a great job Em. I laughed so hard when I saw the pics. I just love you guys sooooo much! Thanks for the joy you have brought us.

Anonymous said...

The pictures are really cute!!! I bet it's tought w/the sickness cause if 1 gets it...they all get it. I know when sickness travels through here...we'll all have had it within 48 hrs. Make sure ya'll get plenty of rest and fluids!!!

:-) Kali

Anonymous said...

You & Rob are doing a great job. I love the picture of where Landon is making that face. Your children are so cute.


Burkett Quad Squad said...

I just wanted to see if you all were feeling better yet. I've been reading your blog for a while. My husband and i wanted to come meet you after the babies were born and let you know you're not alone in this crazy life of multiples, but i was on bed rest with our quads. It would be neat if we could meet sometime though. If you ever want to get together with or without the kiddos let me know!you can email me at it's funny to think between the 2 couples we have 9 babies! wow!
God Bless!