Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

First Cereal Feeding!

Last night I decided to give the kids some cereal before bed. Landon usually wakes all the kids up at about 2:00am. They slept till about 4:00am last night. They went to sleep and didn't move. Jenna didn't get to eat the cereal yet. She is so little I wanted to see how the others handled it. They really liked it. Ethan scarfed it. He still needs to learn how to open his mouth. He ate some before his bottle, then he ate his entire bottle and then had some more cereal. He was completly content for bedtime. Landon liked the cereal the most. He knew how to open his mouth from the very beginning. He was smiling and having a good time. Sydney made faces like she didn't like it, but she always does that. She ate it really good. Peyton was dead asleep when we started him. He was really hungry when he woke up. He fussed between bites and was content when he got the cereal. They are doing so good. Landon is really doing better. He is starting to be more content when he is awake. Things are starting to be better.

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